BROOKLYN: Feisty Russian Jews get construction stopped on mega mosque (for now)

The Department of Buildings has confirmed that inspectors visited the site of the Islamic Cultural Center and ordered all workers to cease construction immediately for violations of partial Stop Work Order.

Muslims want to built a giant mosque in the middle of residential JEWISH neighborhood. But they should know these Russian Jewish immigrants are not like pantywaisted NY liberal Jews. (BNI PREDICTION: If it does get built, it won’t stay built)

Sheepshead Bay–Upon inspection, the department found excavation work being performed that violated an existing Stop Work Order on the elevator pit. As a result, the agency is in the process of issuing violations for non-compliant conditions.

The partial Stop Work Order has been in effect since January 14 after rescinding a full Stop Work Order in place since January 6. The SWO’s were a result of complaints from opponents to the construction of the Islamic Cultural Center.

This morning’s inspection likely came at the urging of Bay People, who had an ongoing e-mail exchange yesterday with Ken Lazar, community liaison for the Department of Buildings, complaining that excavation continued in violation of the Stop Work Order.

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