Hollywood lefties are scared of Muslims. And they should be.

A Muslim political group is demanding that Hollywood change the negative image that it portrays of Muslims in films and TV.

BNI reader, Susan K, sent me a link to a story from ABC NEWS about how the so-called Muslim Public Affairs Council is pressuring Hollywood to show Muslims in a better light, rather than the seedy characters so many of them really are. It starts out like this:

After years of watching Muslims portrayed as terrorists in mainstream TV and movies, an advocacy group hopes to change that image by grooming a crop of aspiring Muslim screenwriters who can bring their stories — and perspective — to Hollywood.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council is hosting a series of workshops taught by Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated veterans over the next month, an initiative that builds on the group’s outreach for a more representative picture of Muslim-Americans on the screen.

The workshops are the natural evolution of MPAC’s efforts to lobby TV networks and movie studios from the outside, and they fit into a small, but growing, movement to get more Muslim-Americans behind the cameras.

MPAC has had some success working with writers and producers from the outside.

Its Hollywood Bureau was founded after Sept. 11, 2001 with a simple strategy: to make sure the portrayal of Islam on TV screens was accurate. Since then, the organization has consulted on a parade of hit TV shows, including “24,””Bones,””Lie to Me,””7th Heaven,””Saving Grace” and “Aliens in America.” (And we know what effect that had on ’24’ which quickly ‘got cancelled when ratings dropped like a stone after they started portraying Muslim imams as the good guys)

There’s a curiosity about Islam and a curiosity about who Muslims are — and a lot of the fear that we’re seeing comes from only hearing one story or these constant negative stories,” said Deana Nassar, MPAC’s Hollywood liaison.

Well, enough of that drivel about how Americans are ‘misunderstanders of Islam.’ Here is what the Muslim Public Affair Council is really about:

Investigative Project — Condemnation of the United States’ Middle East policy. Vicious attacks on Israel as a racist,  genocidal apartheid state. Justifications for terrorism and defenses of its perpetrators. These have been the stock in trade of policy statements by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) over the years.

Articles and editorials in the magazine, including those by MPAC members, downplayed the threat posed by Islamic extremists, served up inflammatory rhetoric about Jews and Zionism, and repeated conspiracy theories about both the 1993 and September 11, 2001 World Trade Center bombings.

A typical piece, written by Dr. Javeed Akhter  painted suicide bombers as young men with “legitimate anger towards the oppressors of Muslims all over the world,” and even sought to rationalize their actions. “Restoration of justice and fair play … will largely vaporize the motivation for a suicidal mission,” Akhter argued.

Other articles directly praised Hezbollah, designated as a terrorist organization by the United States — a group that had been involved in multiple attacks including the deadly 1983 car bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut and the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847.

Now, back to the story about how Hollywood lefties are already kowtowing to Muslim demands.

As we know, Hollywood celebrities characterize ordinary Americans who fear terrorists as racists, warmongers, fearmongers, ignorant, uneducated hayseeds clinging to their bibles and guns. So it isn’t a stretch to see how easy it is for Muslims to convince Hollywood to ‘reinvent’ the image of Muslims.

HUBPAGESCase in point, Ron Howard, who was once the all-American boy as Opie, recently produced a movie from Dan Brown’s book, ‘Angels and Demons.’ In the book, the villain is a Muslim man. Ron changed that in the movie and made the villain a Danish man.

Can’t have Muslim bad men anymore. They might come after you. It’s not worth losing your head over a movie character, right?

Who can blame him? None of us want to see Ron Howard killed (I woudn’t lose any sleep over it). But shouldn’t he give us the same consideration? We value our lives as much as he values his.

In the movie 2012, the world is destroyed. Movie goers can see St. Peter’s Basilica reduced to rubble. The Sistine Chapel, with Michelangelo’s famous painting on the ceiling, is destroyed. A Buddhist temple falls. The White House is destroyed. The huge Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio topples. But the moviemakers chose not to show The Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem, a Moslem holy place, destroyed. Neither did they make a sand pit out of Mecca.

They were afraid of the wrath of Muslims. They admitted it, saying they did not want a Fatwa on their heads because of a movie. Yet, with all of their caution and consideration for Muslims, those moviemakers still managed to insult the sensibilities of Muslims. They have been condemned by the Muslim community. Why?

Because in the movie, a family took shelter in a church. Muslims complain that act conveys the message that salvation is achieved only in the Christian religion.

Sometimes you just can’t win, no matter how hard you try, right, Hollywood? Let’s all be glad that movie hasn’t sparked the riots the Danish cartoons of Mohammed caused. Hmmmm. Did Ron Howard make his villain Danish instead of a Muslim because of that? Interesting. Thought provoking. I wonder…

The Danish cartoon riots took place all around the world, because Muslims live in almost every country. They burned some embassies, Danish flags, and caused a lot of damage. More than one hundred people died in those riots.

That was in 2005. Fast forward to Christmastime 2009. An axe-wielding Muslim was captured and arrested at the home of that Danish cartoonist. He intended to kill the man. The Dane had to go into hiding. A Fatwa is forever. Muslims do not forgive nor forget.

One in four people in the world is a Muslim. Germany has a larger Muslim population than you’ll find in Lebanon. China has a larger population of Muslims than Syria has. That’s a lot of enemies to make because of a movie or a cartoon.

Theo vanGogh learned that the hard way. He made a movie documenting how Muslim women are abused and he paid for it with his ife. Only 47 years old, Theo’s life ended on a sidewalk one morning when a Muslim man fulfilled his wish to avenge his religion.  Right in Amsterdam, on a sunny day, the Muslim murderer shot and stabbed the moviemaker, nearly decapitating him. Then the killer concluded his rampage by placing a 5-page letter on vanGogh’s body and anchoring it there with one last thrust of his bloody knife. The letter declared holy war on infidels. At his trial, the murderer declared he’d do it again; he had no remorse.

Muslims hate our American society. Even some American Muslims hate our society, because it is the antithesis of the Taliban-style lifestyle they prefer. Hollywood embraces acceptance of homosexuals and is the biggest supporter of gay marriage. Do you think Muslims like that?

And how about the music videos young people all over the world like to watch? The ones with scantily clad girls and lacivious dancing. Don’t they know that provokes Muslims?

And then there’s TV. Do you think the Muslims who want to rule the world with Sharia law like American TV? Let’s just hope Hollywood uses its collective imagination to keep safe. Any of us can imagine a terrorist showing up on the red carpet at an awards show.

Not destroying Mecca in a movie isn’t enough, Hollywood. Again and again, captured Muslim terrorists have mentioned Hollywood as a site for a terrorist attack. It’s all fine and good to have ideals, but you can’t let them cloud reality.

There’s no question that a terrorist attack anywhere in the LA area would paralyze the movie and TV industry. And that’s just what the terrorists want to do. Hollywood, you have found out it’s impossible to appease Muslims, even though you are trying very hard.

How many times do the Muslims have to tell you that they want to rule the world with Sharia law before you’ll believe them? How many times do they have to declare their intent before you listen? One of these days there will be a choice everyone has to make, including Hollywood. Are we with the Muslims or against them?

All through this blog I have used Muslims instead of Muslim extremists  because it’s really only in America where many Muslims are content to live in a diverse society. Elsewhere in the world, Muslims learn they must strive to make the world Muslim, as Mohammad directed.