Senate investigation slams Army, FBI, & Pentagon for not stopping the Fort Hood Jihadist

Senate Report calls Major Nihal Hasan, the Fort Hood MUSLIM mass murderer a ‘ticking time bomb’ and ‘a radical Islamic extremist.’ Too bad Barack Hussein Obama never will.

McClatchy DC In the first detailed report on the events leading up to the Nov. 5, 2009, shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Thursday blamed both the Pentagon and the FBI for failing to recognize that Army Maj. Nidal Hasan had links to a key al Qaida operative and had become an Islamic extremist before he allegedly opened fire on fellow soldiers, killing 13 and wounding dozens of others.

The Senate report also warned that neither the FBI nor the Defense Department had taken the steps needed to make certain that the mistakes weren’t repeated. It said the FBI was using outdated methods to examine intercepted e-mails, that the post-9/11 system of investigating terrorist threats still discourages the sharing of information, and that the Defense Department hadn’t identified radicalization as a potential threat.

The Senate committee launched its investigation last year out of frustration that the government wouldn’t provide it with details of internal investigations into the Fort Hood shootings. While the Pentagon has released a report detailing 47 changes that it had made in response to its own investigation, it hasn’t made the investigation itself public. The Senate committee also complained that government officials had insisted on deleting information from its report. “We take issue with the extent of these redactions.”

Nearly two years before the shooting, the report said, Hasan had told fellow soldiers that his allegiance to the Quran superseded his oath to defend the Constitution. That was enough to have him dismissed from the Army, the report said, but instead his supervisors gave him positive evaluations, in part because supervisors said they feared charges of discrimination.