UK Prime Minister takes a stand against Muslims and the failed policies of multiculturalism

No more welfare benefits for people (Muslims) who spread hate and do not accept British values.

How about starting mass deportations of those (Muslim) people?

Delivering his first speech as Prime Minister on the causes of terrorism, David Cameron has criticised what he’s described as the failure of ‘state multiculturalism’ – arguing that the UK needs a stronger national identity to stop people turning to extremism. His comments have angered some Muslim groups while others have questioned the timing, which came as thousands of far right supporters of the English Defence League demonstrated in Luton. (Perfect timing, I’d say)

UPDATE: Fury as labour and Muslims smear David Cameron over his anti-multiculturalism remarks

Here’s an interesting letter sent by David Cameron to the grieving family of a woman killed by a Muslim, whom the government tried to deport, but was prevented from doing so by the liberal EU-style system of ‘justice.’