Terrorist Front Group CAIR whines that multi-state anti-foreign (shari'a) law bills are thinly-veiled attacks on Muslims

NO, THEY AREN’T! These bills are all-out, full-fledged preemptive attacks on Muslims who are trying to push Islamic laws and customs into every institution, school, and business in America. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

Group State — Legislation recently introduced in both houses of the S.C. General Assembly by a pair of Upstate legislators seeks to bar international/sharia law from being applied in state courts, making the Palmetto State one of a half dozen states considering similar bills.

Critics of the bills in South Carolina and other states have assailed the legislation as thinly veiled attacks on Muslims, describing the bills as careful re-wordings of an amendment to Oklahoma’s constitution barring state judges from
considering Islamic law.

That amendment passed overwhelmingly in November, but a left wing federal judge has since issued an injunction temporarily blocking it from going into effect.

The sponsor of the Senate version of South Carolina’s bill, Sen. Mike Fair, R-Greenville, said Thursday that while he is not aware of any cases of foreign law being used in a South Carolina court, this bill is nonetheless necessary in order to prevent any potential future application of foreign law. …

Wink and a nod’

Ibrahim Hooper, a national spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the South Carolina bills and others in Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Nebraska and Wyoming are targeting Muslims even though the bills do not specifically reference Islamic law.

“It’s all with a wink and a nod,” Hooper said.

“We all know what it’s about. What we’re seeing nationwide is an effort to stigmatize Muslims with the use of these bills.” (And rightly so)

Call to Action

SHARIA FREE – Raise your own awareness, help others understand and tell your elected representatives about the threat Islamic Sharia Law represents to our culture, our security and our Constitution.We must resist the Muslim Brotherhood’s vision of “A kind of grand Jihadin eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands…so that…God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.” 

We must STOP treating Islam as a religion: it is a political-judicial-religious-cultural ideology as implemented under Islamic sharia law. Islam makes attainment of political goals a religious duty.  One of those duties confirmed in Sharia is to convert, subjugate or engage in war on non-Muslims. It is therefore a dangerous ideology and does not peacefully co-exist within the United States or the West. Wherever Islam thrives the existing government and unbelieving (kafir, infidel) culture is overthrown. Consider Sudan, Kenya. Kosovo, Malaysia, Philippines, Lebanon, Afghanistan (formerly Buddhist), Kashmir, Anatolia (largely Christian Turkey), northern Africa and Coptic Egypt, as well as Britain and France.

Advocating for Sharia is the equivalent to a declaration of war.

Please read and share the Call to Action.

Read the full Citizen’s Declaration of Threat & Plea for Relief to protect America; sign the petition. Here is a summary:

1. Recognize that Sharia Law VIOLATES the US Constitution.

2. Acknowledge that Promoting Sharia is Sedition.

3. Reform the State Department to support America.

4. Stop foreign aid to Islamic nations, except to resist jihad.

5. Re-evaluate the usefulness of the United Nations.

6. Publish Muslim and jihad crime statistics.

7. Suspend Muslim Immigration.

8. Require oath of allegiance from immigrants, deport violators.

9. Reject visa applicants for seditious history.

10. End Sharia-compliant finance in the US.

11. Secure our borders to prevent illegal entry.

12. Teach the legacy of jihad in public and military schools.

13. End foreign influence in public school textbooks.

14. End foreign ownership of news media.

15. Expend no public monies to encourage social separation.

16. Recind religious status for mosques if they violate religious criteria.

17. Close mosques engaged in incitement to violence, subversion or jihad.

18. Allow no additional mosques until Islamic countries reciprocate in international relations, freedom of religion and houses of worship, and social equality.


Assembly of Muslim Jurists: Helping Muslims in America Live by Sharia