CAIR dropped this story about the 'Dearbornistan' mosque bomber like a hot potato

Lawyer says, “He’s a convert to Islam so he isn’t anti-Muslim” even though he wanted to blow up a mosque. So much for the cries of “Islamophobia” and “hate crime” by Terrorist Front Group CAIR .

FOX DETROIT (H/T granpa)DEARBORN, Mich. (WJBK) –Roger Stockman, a 63-year-old Californian, is accused of threatening terrorism and possessing explosives. He allegedly claimed he was planning to blow up the Islamic Center of North America in Dearborn.

But the case took a bizarre turn in court Friday. Mark Haidar, Stockham’s court appointed lawyer, was not in court, but had planned to request a competency hearing for Stockham. Jeffrey Schwartz, standing in for Haider, was about to make that request when Stockham objected. “Your honor, I reject my appointed counsel. He is a Shi’ite Muslim. I am not,” he said. (Apparently, he is a Sunni Muslim)

The hearing was delayed and a new attorney appointed for Stockham. He made a surprising revelation about his client. “He’s an Islamic convert, so he’s not like an anti-Muslim. He’s very outraged about the conduct in the war in Iraq, and that is really what began this,” said attorney Matthew Evans. (Conduct by whom, the Iraqis?)

The new lawyer dropped plans for a competency hearing. “I interviewed the client. He met all the legal qualifications of being competent, and he was insistent that he was competent. I spent a lot of time talking to him,” Evans said.

Stockham’s lawyer said the facts don’t fit the charges and his client never had any intention of blowing up the mosque, but that he was rather on some yet undisclosed mission. The prosecution intends to tie Stockham to the charges. “His intention is based on statements that he made to other people and where he was arrested and what he was arrested with.

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