So will the Palestinians come back and kill the Israeli soldier who saved the pregnant woman's baby?

Don’t be surprised, it wouldn’t be the first time a Palestinian whose life was saved by Israelis came back and tried to kill them. After all, the Jewish soldier saw the Muslim woman’s private parts when he delivered the baby.

YNET NEWS – At around 2 am the IDF received a call about a Palestinian woman in labor in the Jordan Valley. The soldiers worked with Palestinians at the checkpoint to move the woman to a military ambulance where she gave birth.

The infant, who had difficulty breathing, was resuscitated and then evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital by helicopter. “There is a great deal of satisfaction in giving life,” Sergeant Gilad Nesher, a paramedic who treated the woman and child, told Ynet.  A medical task force, which included a paramedic and three army medics, was led by Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner to the scene.

“She was relatively calm,” recounts Sgt. Nesher. “We put her in the ambulance, then we performed an initial test and found she was in the final stages of labor. We had to begin the process as soon as possible.”

The paramedic in charge said he had assisted labor before, but never under such conditions and without the supervision of a physician. “The baby came out but he wasn’t breathing properly. We recognized that he was in distress and performed CPR until he started breathing and the color came to his cheeks,” he said.

Meanwhile, a military chopper was called in and landed on a road that had been closed off for this purpose. A doctor belonging to the 669 search and rescue unit helped stabilize the infant until landing at the hospital.

“These soldiers really fought to save the baby. It was very exciting to see them. They didn’t give up and proved that that there is no higher value than saving a life,” said a military source present at the rescue.

“To save one life is as if to save all of mankind”  -Famous old Hebrew saying stolen by the Muslims