GOOD FOR JAPAN! Police keeping Muslim community under tight surveillance

I know from personal experience how strict Japanese immigration laws are and how hard it is for foreigners to get permanent residency there. So how the Hell did the Muslim community grow to 100,000? They aren’t all Japanese converts to Islam.

PRESS TV –While no one in Japan interferes with the resident Muslim community, direct evidence has come to light that someone is watching-the police.  In large bureaucratic police organizations such as this one, they believe that they must take no chances in defending the public.

For several years, it has emerged, Japanese police organizations have been collecting detailed information about Muslims living in the country, both those who hail from foreign lands as well as ethnic Japanese Muslims.

Recently, one of the largest controversies has surrounded this book, based on internal Japanese police documents leaked onto the internet.  The information collected by the police included detailed personal information about individual Muslims, which was then shared with the US government.

2004: A group led by al Qaeda’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi videotaped the beheading of Japanese hostage, Shosei Koda, in Iraq. The video showed the execution of the Japanese hostage lying on top of an American flag.

JAWAAbu Musab al-Zarqawi al Qaeda linked terrorist organization has released the videotaped murder of Japanese hostage Shosei Koda. Zarqawi had previously threatened to murder Koda if Japan did not withdraw its troops from Japan. The Japanese troops are engaged in a non-combat rebuilding role. Shosei Koda, for his part, was a civillian who apparently went to Iraq as a tourist.

Al Qaeda’s Organization of Holy War in Iraq also warned Tokyo to withdraw its forces from Iraq or “drown in the hell of the mujahideen” in the country along with “crusader forces”.

According to Channel News Asia via Simon, Japanese TV station NHK is reporting that the hostage is 24 year old Akio Koda. It is not known why Koda was in Iraq. NHK describes him as a drifter who has been out of contact with his parents for months. In the hostage video, the terrorists claim to have evidence that Koda had recently been in Israel and in Jordan recently.

Reuters: Al Qaeda in Iraq said Tokyo had offered a ransom of “millions of dollars” for 24-year-old Koda.

It warned Japan to withdraw its forces from Iraq or “drown in the hell of the mujahideen” along with “crusader forces.”

Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hatsuhisa Takashima denied the ransom claim. “It’s just groundless. We have not done that,” he said, denouncing the video posting as “disgusting.” …

After reading a statement, the men grabbed Koda and put him on the flag before sawing off his head with a large knife and holding it aloft and placing it on top of the corpse.

“We had given the Japanese government 48 hours to save its citizen and meet our demands … and after the deadline passed we cut off the head of this infidel,” one of the militants said.

“Let the whole world know that Al Qaeda Organization of Holy War is firm in its jihad (holy war) despite the Japanese government’s offer of a ransom of millions of dollars to release their parasite son,” said a separate statement from the group dated Nov. 2 and posted on a Web site often used by Islamists.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi called the killing a “brutal, inhuman act” but vowed to stay the course in Iraq, where Japanese soldiers are on a humanitarian, non-combat mission.