Afghan woman mutilated by her family told to face her assailant or he will go free

Time Magazine covergirl, Bibi Aisha, who fled Afghanistan after her husband and father-in-law cut off her ears and nose, will have to go back to the province where it happened or risk letting her attackers walk free.

Let him go free but let the girl stay in America. They will kill her if she goes back to Afghanistan.

Prosecutors said the case against Bibi Aisha’s father-in-law Haji Suleiman – who is accused of holding a gun to her head while his son, her husband, wielded the knife – would collapse unless she could be cross-examined by the court. The illiterate farmer is the only person to have been arrested for the crime, which caused an international uproar when Bibi Aisha’s portrait appeared on the cover of Time magazine.

The lead prosecutor, Ghullam Jan Mohmand, wants to charge Haji Suleiman with attempted murder. If convicted, he is likely to face life in jail. However, the case against him is based almost entirely on Bibi Aisha’s testimony, and that of her father, Mohammedzai. (So why isn’t the husband on trial too?)

Bibi Aisha is now in the US, awaiting reconstructive surgery, and her father has gone into hiding – fearing he too could be arrested. Officials said other witnesses are too scared to come forward, for fear of getting embroiled in a bitter blood feud.

Suleiman in prison this week, he insisted he was innocent. He claimed he had given Bibi Aisha back to her father. Despite appalling overcrowding in the jail, he said he was learning to read so he could learn Islamic law. (HAH! As
if he needs to know any more about abusing women)

Mr Mohmand said: “If I take the case to court like this, the judge will throw it out. Haji Suleiman is in jail but we don’t have any proof. If we want this case resolved soon, we need Bibi Aisha back in Oruzgan. Our investigators have a lot of questions they want to ask her.”

If you cut off someone’s ears and nose, they can die,” Mr Mohmand said. “It is attempted murder and the punishment should be very big.” If the judge throws out the case, Mr Mohmand said they would bring a lesser charge of failing to control his family. “Every shepherd is responsible for his flock,” he said.

“We want to ask her, ‘When your husband and your father-in-law cut off your nose and ears, who else was there? Who witnessed it?'” Mr Mohmand said. (Oh here we go. 4 male witnesses are needed when a woman is testifying against a man)

Human rights investigators are understood to have interviewed medics and eye witnesses, but the police claim they are unreachable. (Riiiiight)

In his first full interview since he was arrested, Suleiman accused Aisha of sleeping with five brothers in their village, three boys in Kandahar and of cavorting with shepherds. (Lies,  more lies, and damn lies) He denied he had ever hurt her, although he approved of stoning.

“We believe in stoning,” he said “But you need witnesses in Sharia (Islamic law] to prove they were having an illegal affair. We never had any witnesses. That’s why we gave her back to her father.” (To be honor killed, no doubt) However, Mr Suleiman refused to rule out the possibility that his son – Bibi Aisha’s husband, Qudratullah – was involved.