CANADA: Muslim parents taking children out of music classes for being "un-Islamic"

I have a better idea, take these Muslims out of Canada for being “uncivilized.”

Facing the MusicLast year a primary school in Britain came under pressure from Somalian Muslim families to allow their children to be exempted from music and singing classes because they believe that music and singing are haram (forbidden) in Islam.  Eileen Ross, headteacher of Herbert Morrison Primary in Lambeth said at that time that some Muslim parents “don’t want children to play musical instruments and they don’t have music in their homes.”   Now the same thing is happening in Canada, where a dozen newly arrived Muslim families are seeking exemptions for their children from music and coed physical education classes, notwithstanding the fact that music and physical education classes are compulsory in elementary schools in their province.

But is music really haram in Islam?  Consider what Saudi Shaikh Adel Al Kalbani, former Imam of the grand Mosque in Makkah said last year: “I have read the fatwas of those saying singing and music were against Islam, but I changed my mind when I found out that prohibition of singing and music in Islam was based on weak evidence. There is no clear-cut religious ruling that says singing and music are not permissible in Islam.”

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