KENTUCKY: Awwww, Somali Muslims have no money to build the mosque over which they fought the city of Mayfield

Somali MUSLIM immigrants who won a long battle against Mayfield residents in their efforts to build a big mosque  have stopped worshipping at the current location because they couldn’t even afford the rent on the small commercial building.

KENTUCKY — (H/T Nelson)The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky that provided free legal services for the Somalis said the Muslim congregation “had kind of tenuous finances.

The Mayfield Board of Zoning Adjustment approved a petition to use the building as a mosque in November. The same board in August had approved, and then rejected, the plan amid an uproar over a proposed Islamic center near the World Trade Center site in New York.

Mayfield City Planner Brad Rodgers said officials noticed in December that the Somalis were no longer worshipping at the mosque. A tax business instead has opened in the building.

Rodgers and Mayor Teresa Cantrell said they didn’t know why the mosque had closed. “The plan all the time was to give them a place,” Cantrell said. “The concern was there wasn’t enough parking to accommodate them.”

Sandy Cooley, co-owner of New Wave Hair Salon near the commercial building, said she never saw many Somalis at the mosque. “It’s a shame that they went through that much trouble and didn’t stay there, but I guess that’s their choice,” she said. (Nooooo, Muslims always build mosques much larger than they actually need for all the new welfare leeches they are expecting to move here under Obama’s plan to flood America with  third world Muslim immigrants)