American left wing ‘Judenrat’ WANTED for TREASON and INCITEMENT AGAINST JEWS

The ineptly named ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ leader is threatened for her pro-Palestinian campaign.

I so wish this Jewish bitch would go live among her ‘people’ – the Arabs in Gaza – and get the hell out of my country.

HAARETZ — The head of the pro-Palestinian organization Jewish Voice for Peace received a threatening poster at her Los Angeles area home this weekend for her involvement in the organization. Estee Chandler, the organization leader on the West coast, said she found a poster on her front porch last week reading “WANTED for treason and incitement against Jews.” The photo featured her picture, workplace, and most disturbingly, names of nieces and nephew as well as charges about “anti-Jewish” activity.

According to Chandler, the poster displayed her picture, her workplace, other personal details and names of her relatives. The poster charged her with using “her own presumed Jewishness as a weapon against the Jewish People and the Jewish State of Israel while conspiring with other well-known anti-Israel groups to assist in Israel’s destruction and to otherwise engender hatred and incite further violence against the Jewish People.”

In a statement responding to the threat published on the organization’s website, Chandler said  “I was forewarned about extremists when I first decided to start a Jewish Voice for Peace chapter here in my hometown of Los Angeles. I went into it with my eyes open. While I didn’t think anything would happen this soon, i cant say it wasn’t something I didn’t anticipate. Ultimately I think these people really are cowards, and not really to be feared.”

“We are the silent majority of American Jews (NO, you aren’t. You don’t represent me. You only represent left wing Hitler Jews like George Soros) and its time for us to stop being silent. if we raise our voices a fraction of the level of these people- we will become the message, too many people who are with us are afraid. Ultimately nonviolence is the only thing that has ever won out,” she added. (In your case, violence IS in order)

In October last year, the Anti-Defamation League named the Jewish Voice for Peace — which champions the rights of Palestinians and is considered an anti-Israel organization by many Americans, especially after calling to boycott companies that profit from Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza – among the top 10 anti-Israel groups in America.

The organization, however, maintains the stand that they are not fighting against Israel or challenging its right to exist, but rather questioning the Israeli government’s policies and actions in the Palestinian Jewish territories.

This threat is seen as part of pattern of escalating harassment and attacks against Jewish pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel advocates by fellow Jews.

The poster specifically targeted her for her work with Jewish Voice for Peace, a national organization with 27 chapters, dedicated to ending Israel’s occupation and promoting a just US foreign policy that recognizes the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Chandler had previously been in the media as part of a national effort to get the retirement fund giant, TIAA-CREF, to divest from companies that profit form the Israeli occupation.

The distributors of the threatening poster have yet to be found, according to the JVP. (Wish I’d have thought of it) Jewish Voice for Peace