DENMARK: Group of Danish-Iranians are protesting AGAINST a new mosque

Protesters say the 48,000 square foot mega mosque planned for Copenhagen is funded by the Iranian government and will lead to increased Islamic radicalism.

CBN –This demonstration against the mosque was sponsored by the Danish Iranian group Frit Iran (Free Iran) against a proposed “Grand Mosque” to be built in the capital city of Denmark.

The Iranian group says the mosque will be funded by and tied to the government of Iranian President Ahmadinejad and will increase radicalism in the country. The city government is debating whether the project can go forward. The mosque would have a capacity for some 3,000 worshipers.

Radicalism is already a growing problem here. These Danish news articles talk about the violent threats and harassment against Christians and Jews living in predominantly Muslim areas.

CHRISTIANS AND JEWS FLEEING DENMARK GHETTOS In Vollsmose, Jews and Christians go underground because they are threatened with beatings and car burnings. A Gellerup church has employed security guards to safeguard against vandalism. In Copenhagen areas where there are many Muslim residents advised Jewish high school students are advised to go to school somewhere else.

There are no figures on how widespread religious persecution in Denmark, but the Security Intelligence published in 2009 a report that said religiously motivated assaults perpetrated by Muslim extremists more than doubled compared to last year.

Associate professor of political science at Aarhus University Peter Nannestad believes that Islam ‘is playing a major role’ in relation to increased harassment of other religions in the ghettos.

Here is a copy of the PETITION sent to the City Council:

To:  Copenhagen City CouncilAttention
Copenhagen City Council
City Hall
DK-1599 Copenhagen V

Tel. +45 33 66 21 21 Fax: +45 33 66 70 00
[email protected]

It has come to our attention that The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is planning to build a, 10 million dollar mosque in Copenhagen NV-district under the cover of private donations which Copenhagen City council has approved.

We the undersigned would like to respectfully remind you that the IRI is a theocratic dictatorship that as of right now is persecuting and imprisoning Iranian citizens who peacefully opposed the election fraud committed 2 months ago by the ruling Ahmadinejad and Khamenei. After systematic rape and torture of citizens in the prisons the regime exhibits them in show trials “confessing” of being a foreign agent and forces them to support IRI.

IRI is well known for terror activity throughout the world and its current defence minister is wanted by Interpol for bombing of a Jewish centre in Argentina. IRI is also known for terror activities and several assassinations of political opponents in Europe including the Berlin “Mykonos” action in the 90’s in which IRI’s highest ranking figure the Supreme leader Ayattolah Khamenei was implicated directly in the assassination by the court.

IRI recruits typically its members through the mosques for Shiite Moslems, predominantly in Iraqi and Lebanese Shiite societies in Europe and use them for their terror activities.

While many ordinary Iranians are deprived of basic rights and even basic access to health care, this regime is financing a 10 million dollar mosque in Copenhagen.

We respectfully urge you to reconsider the permission given to the (agents of) IRI building the Mosque, not only to protect Copenhagen in the future, but also making a clear statement that you do not approve of what the regime is doing to its own citizens and do not cooperate with this regime to propagate its national and international terrorism.