Muslim fanatical fatwas against Valentine's Day

IRAN: Shops  have been banned from selling Valentine cards and gifts even as the traditional lovers’ day is increasingly popular in the Islamic republic.

AFP — ‘In the run-up to Valentine’s Day on February 14 the printing works owners’ union issued a directive banning the printing and distribution of any goods promoting this day,’ ILNA news agency reported.

‘Printing and producing any goods related to this day including posters, boxes and cards emblazoned with hearts or half-hearts, red roses and any activities promoting this day are banned,’ the union said in the directive.‘Outlets that violate this will be legally dealt with,’ it warned.
Over the past three decades Iran’s conservative Islamic regime has sought to prevent the spread of Western culture among its overwhelmingly young population. But Valentine’s Day has become very popular in Iran over the past decade, with young men and women exchanging chocolate, flowers, perfume, teddy bears and other gifts.

MALAYSIA: Lovebirds, take note: as part of nationwide campaign to encourage a sin-free lifestyle, the government is planning a crackdown on “immoral acts” in time for Valentine’s Day.

AFP –Authorities in the northern states of Kedah, Penang and Kelantan as well as central Selangor state will carry out “immorality checks” on February 14, said Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi, head of the Islamic party PAS’s youth wing.

“We have identified spots in these states which are used by lovers and we are deploying local religious department officials as well as party members to stop such sinful acts like casual sex which violates Islam,” Nasrudin told AFP. He said authorities will take action against those caught in the dragnet, under Islamic laws that run in parallel with the civil justice system in Muslim-majority Malaysia.

“There have been campaigns promoting ‘no panties’ on Valentines Day and even free hotel room offers for unmarried couples. We must stop such practices here as these are sinful activities,” he added.

“We are not trying to stop love, but want to ensure that whatever Muslims in Malaysia do is moral and in keeping with our faith.” PAS is known for its hardline stance on morality and in Kelantan, which the party rules in its own right, it has banned gambling, restricted the sale of alcohol and requires men and women to queue in separate lines at shops.

But thanks to the sacrifice of American and coalition troops, Iraqis now are free to celebrate Valentines Day.