OKLAHOMA Leftie Judge blocks ban on Shari'a, now Shari'a is spreading like wildfire in Oklahoma

When you see women getting stoned to death, you can thank the leftie scum justices in this country…and the Muslim in the White House.

How many Muslims are in Oklahoma anyway?

SHARIA(H/T Darrell) – Despite a recent constitutional amendment in Oklahoma that bans courts from considering Sharia in court rulings, courts have appeared to ignore the ban and are actually increasing the use of Islamic law in their interpretations and decisions.

“Before the ban, we’d see maybe 10-15 rulings a month that used Sharia law,” said one Oklahoma constitutional law scholar. “Just last week, however, I counted 25 rulings in just five days. It’s gone nuts.” (If someone can send me these rulings, I’d appreciate it)

The constitutional ban, which Oklahoma voters approved by a wide margin last November, prohibits state and federal court judges from “considering or using international law . . . or Sharia Law.” Proponents of the measure, which a federal court judge blocked shortly after its enactment, point to the spreading of Sharia in the Sooner state as an example of the need for the ban.

“If the spread of Sharia and international law in our state continues, we may have no choice but to secede,” one well-known proponent of the measure said, prompting cheers from much of the rest of the country. Proponents are also considering an amendment to State Question 755, as it is formally known, to prohibit federal court judges “who disagree with a bunch of us” from considering the U.S. Constitution in their decisions.

And this is exactly how Sharia is sneaking into our system – Leftie denial and obfuscation.