There is no such thing as a 'little Sharia'

Sharia Law is creeping into the America judicial system, whether you believe it or not. (See link below) The penalty for stealing under Sharia Law is cutting off hands and/or feet. Can’t see this happening in America? Justices are blocking state bans on Sharia, which is allowing it to get a foothold right under our noses.


LIBERTAD– Yesterday, in a town in the region of Galgudud, a teenager was sentenced under the provisions of the Quran, the punishment of amputation of the right hand. The penalty was carried out publicly. In April 2010, the same punitive measure was applied to Shine Abucar Hassan, accused of stealing a mattress. Four men aged between 18 and 24 years old, suffered the amputation of his right hand and left foot in June 2009. In this case, the practice of amputation took place before about 300 spectators.

Another victim of the Somali Islamic justice was Mohammad Omar Ishmael, 30 years old, who in May 2009 cut off his right hand. His case was more widespread at the time because there is graphic documentation.

Despite claims that the militia of Al-Shabaab misinterprets the Quran, there are suras that say  “The thief and the thief, cut off their hands as a reward for what they have committed, as an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is Mighty, Wise. ” Qaran, Sura 5 verse 38.

But the terrorists of Al-Shabaab, besides amputating limbs, stoning adulterers and exterminating the small Christian community, also kidnap children in order to become future soldiers of Allah Last Friday, one of those teenaged forced recruits was shot dead while trying to escape from the mosque where he was forced to pray.

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