'ANTI-MUSLIM' graffiti blamed on English Defence League, likely put there by Muslims

‘KILL MUSLIMS,’ ‘KEEP BRITAIN BRITISH,’ ‘EDL’ slogans spray painted on a memorial bridge are being blamed on ‘far right nationalists’ with no proof at all. It wouldn’t be the first time Muslims did this to gain sympathy, they do it to their own mosques all the time.

KENTA memorial bridge to a young girl who died crossing the A249 has been defaced with far right nationalist graffiti.

Slogans including “kill Muslims” “keep Britain British” and “EDL” – the acronym for anti Islamist group the English Defence League – have been scratched into the moss on Jade’s Crossing in Detling.

The bridge was erected as a memorial to Jade Hobbs, who was killed along with her grandmother while crossing the busy road in 2000. The tragedy led to a successful campaign by Jade’s mother Caroline Hobbs and husband Paul to build a permanent footbridge. They have since moved from the area as the memories were too painful.

The English Defence League was formed in 2009 in response to a protest against Royal Anglian Regiment troops returning from the Afghan War. The group organises street marches purportedly against “muslim extremism.” (“Purportedly?” No, actually, you fools)