Nicknamed an "abusive monster," Iraqi Muslim murders his British wife and their two children

Joy Small, 24, was found dead in her home along with her three-year-old son Aubarr and daughter Chanarra, two. Aram Aziz, who was described as an ‘abusive monster’, is said to have once poured petrol over Miss Small’s head and tried to set it on fire.

Every non-Muslim woman who is/was married to a Muslim man and posts comments here at BNI, reports being a victim of spousal abuse – physical, sexual, mental, or a combination. Fortunately, they were able to escape their marriages with their lives.

UK DAILY MAIL –(H/T Maria) –  Friends said she was so frightened of him that she installed a panic button in her flat and had kept a hammer under her pillow. Miss Small, a mother-of-three from Leicester, is believed to have split from her husband, an Iraqi Kurd, last year, but she later rekindled their relationship.

Miss Small’s ex-husband Javed Ghaznavi, with whom she had one child, a boy of seven, claimed she had had got back with Aziz for the good of the children.

Last night, her friend Jennie Bland, 27, from Leicester, said: ‘She was a good person, and a fantastic mum. ‘She would have done anything for those children. Her husband was extremely possessive. He beat her all the time and tried to stop her seeing her friends. When they split up, he left a message on her phone saying he would kill her and the children.

He said she could never have another boyfriend.’‘He’d poured petrol over her, tried to set her alight and had even thrown a mirror at their son. He was an abusive monster.’

Miss Bland added: ‘I went away last July, and when I got back she was quiet. She said she had a new boyfriend, but I had my suspicions she was back with him.

‘In November, I found out she was and we fell out. I couldn’t stand by and let it happen. She had been warned by police and social services that if she got back with him, they’d take her kids off her.

Miss Small’s stepfather, Martin Small, from Londonderry in Northern Ireland, said: ‘We haven’t seen very much of Joy. She started living in a very Muslim area of Leicester and began living a Muslim life. ‘She wasn’t a Muslim convert as such but she did live that way of life to an extent.” (And now she has paid the ultimate price  for that decision)