PHEW! The architect of the overthrow of the Shah of Iran says we have nothing to fear from the Muslim Brotherhood

“The demonstrators in Egypt will not accept anything less than honest, fair and open elections,” said Jimmy Carter, adding that his foundation, the Carter Center, will be as “involved as possible” in bringing about successful Egyptian elections. Just as he did when he succeeded in helping Terrorist Group Hamas to seize control in Gaza (of which Jimmy is now an honorary citizen).

STATESMAN –The Egyptian military won’t ignore its citizens’ demands for open elections, even if the military has an interest in keeping power, former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday at a University of Texas lecture. Students listened and at times laughed Tuesday evening at Carter’s recollections. “I think the Muslim Brotherhood is not anything to be afraid of in the upcoming (Egyptian) political situation and the evolution I see as most likely,” Carter said. “They will be subsumed in the overwhelming demonstration of desire for freedom and true democracy.”