SHOCKING! Berkeley has a momentary attack of sanity – says 'NO' to GITMO TERRORISTS

Code Pink is heartbroken. Berkeley won’t be offering a home any time soon to former Guantanamo Bay detainees. And it won’t be calling Private Bradley Manning a hero, either.

I’m actually a little disappointed. I was so hoping to see what the terrorists would do with the Code Pinkos out there who love them.

Berekelyside— The City Council on Tuesday night rejected a proposal to invite two former Gitmo prisoners to come and live in Berkeley.

However, (Well, we knew there had to be a “but” involved) the council did approve a resolution calling for an “immediate end to the cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment,” of Manning, who is in prison awaiting trial for allegedly leaking documents to the Wikileaks group.

The city council had so many items on the agenda that it did not start to discuss the two controversial matters until 11 pm, four hours after the meeting started. After a long line of people declared their support for offering a home to the former Guantanamo Bay detainees, the council rejected the motion put forward by the Peace and Justice Commission.

That resolution failed 4-1, with four council members abstaining.

On the Manning matter, the council had tabled a resolution in December that declared Manning a hero. A revised resolution that deplored his living conditions in jail passed unanimously.

Sean Hannity talks to one of the Code Pinkos who would like the terrorists to move into her home.