EXCELLENT! Israel building an Army base in their own capital – Jerusalem

And the Arabs of Palestine are whining and moaning. Too damn bad. It’s time every last Arab was evicted from the Jewish homeland once and for all.

Despite Palestinian opposition to Israeli settlement activities, plans are being put in place by the Jerusalem Municipality to build an Israeli army base that will house military colleges in Al Quds JERUSALEM. Generic Arabs of Palestine strongly oppose Israeli settlement activities especially in  Al Quds JERUSALEM where they want to have their capital in the future Palestinian state. (Heh) This coincides with recent announcements by Israel to build 120 settlement units in Ramot and Pisgat zeev in occupied Al Quds JERUSALEM. The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank JUDEA/SAMARIA and  Al Quds JERUSALEM illegal under international law. (Who cares?)

Israel settlement building has been relentless, despite Palestinian opposition and wide international condemnation. To build an army base on this scale is unprecedented, a move that will dash hopes for Palestinians for an Israeli withdrawal from the city and a peaceful resolution to the conflict. (Isn’t that the idea?)