Somali MUSLIM pirates hijack yacht with four Americans aboard

Gee, I wonder if Obama will send in the U.S. Navy again and make them sit around twiddling their thumbs because he doesn’t want them to kill the pirates? Piracy on the high seas is punishable by execution right on the spot.

NY POST – Somali MUSLIM pirates on Friday hijacked a yacht with four Americans aboard in the Indian Ocean, a non-governmental organization monitoring regional maritime activity said.

Ecoterra International said the S/V Quest was seized in the afternoon 240 nautical miles (275 miles) off the coast of Oman. (Photo below is a prior hijacking of a French yacht)

“S/V Quest was attacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean and the four Americans on board are being held hostage,” it said.

“The sailing yacht was reportedly now enroute from India to Mina Raysut, the industrial port of Salalah, Oman,” Ecoterra added.

The S/V Quest’s owners, Jean and Scott Adam, have been sailing around the world for more than seven years and detailed in a December update on their website what their travel plans would be for 2011.

“Our ports of call will be: Galle, Sri Lanka; Cochin, India; Salalah, Oman; Djibouti, Djibouti; The Suez Canal; and Crete. That gets us to April,” the website entry read.

Despite Somali piracy being at its highest ever levels, with more than 40 ships and 800 seamen currently held according to Ecoterra, the US couple made no reference to the threat on their website.

The yacht beacon’s position is Mumbai but it was last updated six days earlier and a distress signal was sent from the middle of the Indian Ocean on Friday.