DALLAS Muslims outraged over Tea Party activist’s use of the term "Chief Mullah" to criticize County Commissioner

“People are now using our religion as something dirty and ugly to attack others,” he said, adding that many critics of Barack Obama call him a Muslim as if it’s a dirty word. (It IS!)

Dallas News –Local Muslim leaders gathered in front of Dallas City Hall on Friday to denounce a Dallas tea party activist’s use of the term “chief mullah” to criticize County Commissioner John Wiley Price earlier this week.

Lawyer Jeff Turner used the term several times during Tuesday’s commissioners’ meeting to blast Price for his behind-the-scenes scheming to oust popular former elections chief Bruce Sherbet. Price objected, which led to a shouting match between Price and Sherbet’s supporters in the audience. During the fray, Price pointed out they were all white and told them to go to hell.

Thomas Muhammad, president of the Duncanville Islamic Center, (photo below) said Turner misused the term mullah, a title for a Muslim religious leader, in order to attack Price. “That was offensive to us,” he said. “I love my religion. I’m proud of it. … We’re just saying respect the title.”

Muhammad said he and 16 others standing behind him wanted to ask the American people to be tolerant of other people’s faiths. (Bwahahahahahah)

“We have become the target of outrage in this country,” he said. “You can’t use my religion to attack somebody.” (Oh yeah, watch me)