Knife-wielding MUSLIM goes on stabbing rampage in Ibiza

The Moroccan (Muslim) man sparked panic in the streets of the seaside town of Ibiza after stabbing at least 13 people with a large knife or machete at lunchtime.

UK DAILY MAIL –(H/T Maria)A knife-wielding Muslim madman went on the rampage in a popular Spanish tourist resort today stabbing at least 13 people. The 42-year-old was arrested after going berserk in San Antonio, on the holiday island of Ibiza.

At least two people were seriously injured in the attack, one of them stabbed in the neck, while several others were treated by paramedics or taken to hospitals. Police would not immediately reveal the nationalities of the victims. (Well we know they weren’t Muslims)

Two armed officers from the Civil Guard police force overpowered the suspect, who was also carrying a metal bar. Local reports said he had a police record for wounding and tried to stab himself in the neck as he was arrested.

The drama began in the Suma supermarket when workers accused him of shoplifting. He is said to have stabbed a number of workers before running out of the store. He then attacked more people in an internet cafe and a hairdressers.

Thousands of British holidaymakers pack the resort of San Antonio during the summer months.