SPAIN: Axe-wielding Muslim attacks people in hospital waiting room, apparently trying to scalp them

Just a few days after a Moroccan Muslim stabbed 12 people in Ibiza, another one attacks 3 people with an axe in a hospital waiting room in Madrid.

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El Pais Google translate (H/T Maria) – A man armed with an ax in a large health center in Fuenlabrada (Madrid) has attacked staff and patients. The assailant, identified as AEB, 40, of Moroccan nationality and resident of the town, has seriously  wounded three people in the ambulatory El Naranjo before being stopped by a young man in the health center waiting for them to attend his wife. The injured are two administrators and one nurse and the three are in serious condition.

One witness explained that the man entered with an ax hidden under a sweatshirt he was carrying on his right arm. The witness said that the man hit a woman who was behind the admissions counter. When the victim fell to the ground, the Muslim man attacked a second person who was sitting down and a third  in another part of the room.

One of the nurses at the health center said  the assailant shouted “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.”

Of the two injured administrative, Pilar, 55, has suffered semi amputation of the right hand, left phalanx amputation and scalp cut and is being treated in La Paz, where they operated to save the upper body, and his condition is serious. Another administrator, 51, has lost the first joint of the index finger of his right hand and has also lifted the scalp. Has been taken to hospital in Fuenlabrada and, hence, have referred to the Fundación Jiménez Díaz de Madrid. Although at first the prognosis was moderate, now it has been downgraded to serious. The third wound is a nurse, Concepcion, 46, who had part of her scalp cut off.

In the photo below, an axe-wielding Iranian Muslim cut down people in the street: