SWEDISH WOMAN: "I have been chased by lions in Africa….."

But that was nothing compared to being chased out of Rosengard, Sweden by raging Muslims who told her, “This is OUR area. We have our OWN laws. This is NOT Sweden.”

The radicalization of Rosengård is the natural logical step in the process of Islamization. The more an area experiences increased Muslim immigration, the more aggressive the push to become Islamic. It seems that parts of Europe have already been seized and sovereignty transferred to a proto Neocaliphate.

“Go where ever you like but not here, this is our area.”

“This is the new Kristiania, we have our own rules.  This is not Sweden”

“You are not allowed to film here go to another part, of town”

H/T Liberties Alliance

Jews cannot even walk in Muslim areas for fear of being beaten up. Many have already fled the country because of Muslim anti-semitism.

How long before Western law no longer holds sway in those other parts of town as well?  How long before other parts of Sweden are no longer Sweden?  This is a perfect example of the colonisation of Europe.  European governments sit on their hands even when the integrity of the state is threatened.  How long before expanded Islamic areas of Europe demand independence?  This is what comes with toleration of sharia norms.  Sharia must be completely opposed and it should be made clear that to advocate sharia norms is a serious form of sedition.