Is Barack Obama planning to bring 50 – 100 million MUSLIM refugees into America?

According to Arabic language broadcasts, “The Muslim world is saying that President Obama wants amnesty for the current Hispanic 12 million illegal immigrants in the US in order to pave the way for the next wave of tens of millions of illegals from the Middle East to the United States, leading to 50 to 100 million Muslims living in the US. before the end of Obama’s second term.

“Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi/Muslim ‘Plant’ in the White House?” The answer is obvious. The video claims that “for years before” the 2008 election, Lipkin’s wife, who worked for the Israeli government monitoring Arabic radio broadcasts, picked up broadcasts of Saudis saying, “We will have a a Muslim in the White House in 2008.”

Special Guests While the world fixates on the Middle East upheaval, there is a quiet undertow building toward likely impending mass protests and terrorism in the United States; according to author/translator in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, Avi Lipkin, who has been reporting on Islamic population and terrorist concentrations in Latin America and Canada now for about twenty years, wrote about it extensively in his first book, “Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?” (published in 1998).

Avi Lipkin has a source with a senior United Nations official that the U.S. will be a Muslim country by the end of Obama’s second term. It is now easy to see who that can happen, and quickly, since the economies of Egypt and other Mid East nations will likely fall apart under impending rigid Islamic rule with the new regimes. Lipkin outlines Obama’s three prong plan in the Middle East:

1) Obama fomenting unrest in each Middle Eastern country so that each regime can be taken over by fanatic Muslim Brotherhood Sunni Regime in order to use them as proxies to overthrow the competing Shiite regime in Iran without involving American troops.

2) As a result of the takeover of the regimes in the Middle East there will be a massive exodus of Sunni Muslims and Christians from Egypt to America and to Europe in order to bring about Muslim majorities in European countries, U.S., Canada and Latin America.

3) The Muslim Brotherhood nations will then march on Israel in an effort to destroy it and thus Obama keeps his promise to show the Muslim world what he’s going to do to destroy Israel.

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18 comments on “Is Barack Obama planning to bring 50 – 100 million MUSLIM refugees into America?

  1. Why wasn’t the public educated on what kind of people these refugees are and the potential security risks at present and far future?? Even “humanuretarians”(sarcasm) should KNOW the implications to accept stranges of which you know NOT their REAL intentions snd agendas.

  2. it’s all lie.

    there is no terrorism beyond CIA and MOSSAD.

    Both destroyed WTC , everybody knows that.

    They do many false flags around world, for this in cold war there wasn’t “radical islam” ‘cos CIA was focused in war against URSS.

    Boston, Oklahoma, noruega , WTC all that were false flag operations of CIA / MOSSAD. What islam that is Increasing Dramatically around the world will win putting a bomb in a maraton ? this is ridiculous. CIA and MOSSAD want stop the increasing of islam with false flags and difamations.

    The same was done with germans and Russians in world war and Cold war.

  3. Wait, let’s be realistic. How can 50 to 100 million Muslims get into the USA in 4 years (assuming that monster Obama gets re-elected)?

    Let’s work with the 50,000,000 figure over 3 x 365 days (3 regular years) and an additional 366 days for the leap year 2016. This gives us 1,461 days (assuming flights coming in every single day at an equal rate). That would require 34,223 people having to fly in every single day!!!

    Then – unless Obama also turns to ships – we would be dealing with no less than 68 or 69 flights EVERY DAY (assuming on average that each plane carries 500 people as a 747). Do we really have that many flights to the Muslim world carrying that many people, all on a ONE-WAY basis?

    No doubt there are plenty of flights flying plenty of those undesirables daily, but to get in THAT many (even if they’re distributed amongst perhaps 20 major US airports having to handle all sorts of other traffic?)??

    Still, we MUST deport (or, in the last resort, even kill – most unfortunately!!) every last single Muslim man, woman and child from the Western world or they indeed WILL overwhelm us!!!!

    However, if we get THAT kind of figure of “refugees”, we’d better have HUGE stocks of ammunition and arms prepared as we’ll need it all for what will be a true situation out of Revelation (the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse resulting then in global conquest by false-religion & power, war, famine and pestilence). THEN we’d ALL globally be so overwhelmed that there truly won’t be enough food, water, medicines, etc.

  4. This is very scary,listening to him speaking about islam the impression is he must be a muslim,if his father was -he must be,and bowing to the saudi king? -taqiyya -deception,as one of their leaders said,they don’t have to go to war,they- infiltrate,and are doing so by stealth-migration-birth,and sharia,there will soon be more of -them,than-us,and they -will have won, we must stop all migration and building of mosques -now,stop them from -colonising.

    • Valhalla. ” they don’t have to go to war,they -infiltrate and and are doing so by stealth-migration-birth and sharia law ..” This is muslim’s long time plane .Here is some to know. In 1974 Algerian President Houari Boumedienne ,the man who ousted Ben Balla, three years after the Algerian Independence, spoke before the General Assembly of the United Nation and without circumlocutions he said ” One day millions of men will leave the Southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the Northern one. But NOT as friends, because they will burst into conquer and they will conquer by populating it with their children.Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women ” And that is exactly what is happening. This man Boumedienne must have a visionary, I ask why did the West NOT take notice of it?

  5. When Isreal bombs Iran, the Psalm 83 war will take place, then alot of muslims will
    be displaced, and this is the time when
    Obama will use the sympathy card and invite
    them all in.

  6. obama is a muslim plant arent there any politicians in america willing to take this travesty on god help america and australia if this bastard (and i mean that in the full meaning of the word)gets a second term

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