AUSTRALIA: Taxpayers outraged at having to pay for a $45,000 privacy wall at a public pool for 9 Muslim women

MULTICULTURALISM INSANITY: Muslims say, “Aussies must learn to be more tolerant of other cultures.” And “this gesture will make Muslims look more favorably at the government.”

So, how’s that proposed bill to put a 10-year moratorium on all Muslim immigration to Australia going?

HERALD SUN  RATEPAYERS could be stung up to $45,000 to install curtains at a public pool so Muslim women can have privacy during a female-only exercise classes. The City of Monash has won an exemption from equal opportunity laws to run the sessions outside normal opening hours. The council says the privacy screen is needed for “cultural reasons”.

It follows moves by other councils to introduce women-only sessions for the Muslim community, such as Greater Dandenong asking a tribunal to approve a ban on uncovered shoulders and thighs for those attending a family event at a pool.

Ross Buscemi, director of refugee charity group the New Hope Foundation, said his organisation had lobbied for the sessions on behalf of Muslim women, mostly from African countries including Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan. Mr Buscemi said the women had sought separate classes for cultural reasons and curtains or blinds were needed to protect their privacy because the centre had glass walls.