MUSLIM SHOOTER at Frankfurt Airport boasted about his "favorite (infidel) killer outfit"

This is the face of the man suspected of killing two U.S. soldiers in Germany in an IslamoFascist rage. The photo is from Arid Uka’s Facebook page – once listed under his real name but changed recently to that of Abu Reyann, his chosen ‘warrior’ name.

UK DAILY MAILThe site is littered with references to Holy War, hatred of ‘non believers’ and has his favourite saying – ‘may the eyes of the cowards never sleep’ – by Khalid Bin Walid, an ancient Islamic fighter who united Arabia for the first time.

‘This is my favourite killer outfit when rolling the dice on black ops,ha ha,’ he boasts to his friends on the social networking site – probably more a reference to the computer game of the same name that he played avidly than any attack like that he carried out in Frankfurt which left two Americans dead and two severely wounded.

There are hate-filled rants against Jews and a cry to Jihad which said: ‘If someone would call you to Holy War… yeah, and? ‘That is part of this beautiful religion. One is allowed to fight the unbelievers when attacked.’

In August last year the 21-year-old answered an online question about what his favourite weapon was – it turns out to be a Barrett M82 sniper rifle.

‘The miserable non-believer’ is an anti-western song on the website that he also makes reference to. ‘Germans are afraid of Islam and its spread and would rather we believe in Santa Claus,’ he rambles

He calls Chancellor Angela Merkel an ‘unbeliever’ too, claiming she has sided with Israel which he described as ‘a declaration of war’.

Bill Clinton sent our troops to fight on the WRONG SIDE of the war in Kosovo. We should never fight on behalf of Muslims, ANY Muslims, like the ones in Kosovo who have made it a recruiting ground for al Qaeda.

With a young Muslim population in the newly-independent state of Kosovo, al Qaeda sees it as a fertile recruitment ground. The independence of Kosovo was secured in 1999 after a Nato-led coalition bombed the country.

Advancing U.S. troops at the time were greeted with flowers and cheers as the state secured its independence from Yugoslavia. The country declared independence in 2008 and it was recognised by the U.S. at ambassadorial level.

However, former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic claimed that rebels were assisted by al Qaeda in their fight.

German federal prosecutors said the attack appears to have been motivated by Islamic extremism. Prosecutors said in a statement today that ‘because of the circumstances there is a suspicion that it was an Islamist motivated act’.

Uka, whose family come from the northern town of Mitrovica, was born and educated in Germany where his family moved to some 40 years ago. Rexhep Uka said the suspect’s grandfather was a religious leader at a mosque in a village near Mitrovica.

Behxet Uka said he would be ‘shocked’ if Arid Uka was behind the shooting, saying that like the vast majority of Kosovo Albanians, the family is pro-American. (Sure they are, NOT)

The airmen shot in Frankfurt were stationed at the Lakenheath airfield in England, home to the 48th Fighter Wing, the only F-15 fighter wing in Europe.

Officials said the gunman shouted out ‘Islamic slogans’ before opening fire.