[UPDATED!] Why is Obama welcoming to Washington DC a radical Muslim who advocates the overthrow of the US government?


There is 13 minutes of crap here if you care to sit through it. But essentially, it seems like this schmuck fears for his life so he is not coming to Washington at this time. Too bad, because I wanted the American public to see and hear what Muslims have in store for all us non-believers in America. And not just him, ALL Muslims want this simply because that is what their holy books command off them – create an Islamic caliphate all over the world and kill those whom you cannot convert or force them to live as slaves to the Islamic state.

Terrorism-supporter Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary will lead a pro-Shari’a demonstration March 3rd outside the White House. A counter protest is also planned.

Sharia4America The Shariah4America project will become “an unanticipated wild card for the West, galvanizing the immense support for Sharia in the Middle East and bringing it directly to the doorsteps of the United States of America, organizers say atshariah4america. They call on Muslims in the U.S., particularly in New York, Michigan, Chicago and Washington, D.C., “to take lessons from their Muslim brothers and sisters in North Africa and the Middle East and rise to implement the Sharia in America.”

Communism is dead, capitalism is dying and Islam is the solution, Shariah4America project organizers say on the site. On Thursday afternoon outside the White House, the “Muslims will let the tyrant Barack Obama” and Americans know that “a new constitution beckons the U.S. called the Shariah, and that this worldwide revolution will see it implemented God willing very very soon.”

Counter protesters will be meeting at 11 a.m. in front of the Lincoln Memorial, then march together to the White House, according to information posted at Stand Up America!’s Web site (www.standupamericanow.org). “Now is the time that we make a very, very clear statement to radical Islam,” counter-protest organizer Terry Jones says via the site. “It is necessary that we set very clear lines for Muslims that are here in America.


Sharia4America -One of the primary targets for immediate reconstruction in the US is the White House; originally designed by Irish architect James Hoban, this building holds significant symbolic value in representing centuries of repression under man-made law. Unlike the British burning of Washington, one of the practical proposals for the redevelopment of the White House under Islam will be to see it converted into a flourishing mosque.

Mosques or Masjids are taken to be one of the most important buildings in Islam, acting as places of (Islamic) worship, centres of learning, places where the ill are treated and even locations where crucial decisions are made regarding domestic and international government policies; mosques also act as an opportunity for non-Muslims to learn more about Islam and even embrace this superior way of life.


One of the founding principles of the Islamic constitution is to ensure that all sovereignty and supremacy belongs solely to God; the Shari’ah is a practical manifestation of this sovereignty and supremacy because it seeks to establish His command in society. The status of a nation subsequently does not depend on its number, strength or technological advancement, but rather how much it submits to the commands of God. When a nation seeks to be free from such commands, then ultimately it will meet its destruction.

The Statue of Liberty, designed by Frederic Bartholdi, stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor; representing Libertas, the Roman (false) goddess of Freedom, it is symbolic of the rebellious nature of the US constitution that elevates the command of man over the command of God. In Islam, the public veneration of idols and statues is strictly prohibited. This has forced sincere Muslims to develop realistic plans that will aid in the removal of the Statue of Liberty.

Due to the scale of the task at hand, it is highly likely that rigorous safety checks will need to be employed before the demolition of the Statue of Liberty can commence; thus as a temporary measure, it is proposed that a large burkha is used to cover the statue, thereby shielding this horrendous eye sore from public view as well as sending a strong message to its French creators.

Post demolition, it is recommended that a minaret be built as a fitting replacement, allowing the glorification of God to be proclaimed daily as well as act as a powerful reminder of the superiority of Islam over all other ways of life.


Thankfully there is a unique facility in the Shari’ah to deal with the corruption, oppression and tyranny of rebellious leaders who exploit their subjects.

An ideal place for such a court in the Islamic State of America would be the obselete United Nations Headquarters based in New York. As the authority and soverignty of the United Nations is not recognised by the Shari’ah of Islam, its headquarters would no longer be welcome on the shores of the Islamic State of America. However the buildings, originally completed in 1952 and spanning an 18-acre site on the East side of Manhattan would be an ideal location to host the Islamic Court.

The site is currently managed by member states of the United Nations and has its own security force, flags of all member states are displayed outside the main buildings. These will promptly be removed and the authority of the Islamic state will be clearly laid down, The united nations, their members, security forces, fire department and postal service will all be evicted and the Islamic Court could likely hold its first International War Crimes Trial almost immediately.


1.   How will the state deal with economic contracts entered into before the establishment of the state?

a. Banking Organizations

All the banking organizations based on usury i.e. riba will be closed, their accounts will be terminated and the principle sums without interest will be returned to their owners. Banks will be replaced by the Bait ul Maal.

b. Companies controlling public properties

Some companies at present operate in areas which are recognised as public property in Islam such as oil, gas, minerals, etc. Islam considers that these properties cannot be owned by individuals or private companies and will therefore be placed under the control of the state. The original investment however will be returned to the companies. The state may then allow the companies to continue to work in the areas they have built up as an excuse on a shariah basis but must work as agents of the state on behalf of the nation.

c. Companies based on unlawful contracts

Companies working in areas of private property and which are therefore legitimate will be examined to see if the company contracts are lawful in Islam. If the contracts are unlawful then the companies will be terminated.

d. Private ownership of public activities

Public utilities such as electricity and railways will be terminated from private companies and put under the control of the Khilafah.

2.     How will the state deal with treaties concluded by the previous government with international and regional organisations?

All treaties or promises made by the previous government will be terminated because it is forbidden for Muslims to be in a party or organisations against Islam. All the current international organizations like the United Nations, The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are founded on Kufr (disbelief) and are against Islam.


3.     How will Islam deal with other countries?

a. The Muslim World

The relationship with other Muslim countries is to be considered as domestic affairs. The Khilafah will never recognise them as separate countries. All existing embassies in Muslim ‘countries’ will be closed. These territories must be united with the Khilafah under the flag of the Khilafah and no diplomatic relationship will be established with them.

b. Dar al Kufr

All other countries in the world, east to west are considered to be Dar al Kufr ( The domain of disbelief) and Dar al Harb ( The domain of war). Relationships with them are dictated by what Jihad demands according to the divine law and the benefit of the Muslims.

c. Friendship treaties

It is allowed for the state to establish with some counties ‘friendship treaties’ and other treaties that Islam allows to facilitate  the call of Islam, provided that the Khilafah sees them to be in the benefit of the nation and the requirements of the divine law are observed.

d. UK, France, Russia and the like

States with whom we do not have treaties are to be considered as potential enemies and all precautions must be taken against them. This would be the case with states like the Britain, Russia, and France. The Islamic State will not establish diplomatic relationships with them and they will not be permitted to have their embassies in our state.

e. Israel

Countries we are at war with such as Israel must be confronted with Jihad. Their citizens are prevented from entering the Khilafah. Islam obliges all Muslims to fight them until the land is liberated.

f. Military pacts

It is forbidden for the Islamic state to enter into any kind of joint military operation such as NATO. It is also forbidden for any Muslims to fight under the flag of Kufr, to shed blood for the disbelievers, to protect a disbelieving country or give the upper hand to the disbelievers such as King Abdullah’s and Musharraf’s treacherous alliance with the Americans allowing them to enter Muslim land.