Germany says attack on US soldiers was “Islamic terrorism” Obama calls it an “outrageous act” (YAWN)

Pulling out a semi automatic weapon on a bus, firing over and over, while shouting, “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for ‘God is Great’ are just some of the reasons European officials are calling the atttack Islamic extremism, but the U.S. thinks it’s too soon to tell. (That’s what Obana said about the Fort Hood Jihadist who shot 43 troops, but has yet to be tried and executed)

NEWSY-Left wing blogger Wizbang argues- Uka’s shouts don’t necessarily mean he’s a terrorist. “I think before we jump to any conclusions here, it’s important to note that ‘Allah Akbar’ can sound a lot like ‘Our Father’ in the heat of the moment… Anyone assuming that this is a Jihadist attack is obviously bigoted and Islamophobic … intolerant and close-minded.”

As usual, America’s Muslim-in-Chief switches the focus away from the murderer toward the sacrifices of the victims... ‘A tragic event’? ‘A stark reminder’ of ‘sacrifices’ to ‘keep us safe’ from ‘dangers’? No, Mr. President, it’s a stark reminder that the world is full of Muslim males in their twenties who believe that their God has commanded them to murder Americans.”

Western news outlets need to stop trying to downplay quote “Islamic atrocities.” “It almost seems as though they are secretly more worried about upsetting wider Muslim communities, than attending to the sensitivities of the victims and the ordinary public.”

Charles Krauthammer slams Obama for treating U.S. troops’ shooting in Germany like ‘a bus accident’