Congressman Peter King getting death threats from Muslims over Muslim radicalization hearings

Republican Congressman Peter King has ramped up his security in the wake of ‘hostile phone calls’ and threats from overseas as he prepares to chair a hearing on Islamic radicalization in the U.S. while terrorist front group CAIR steps up its attacks on King.

(Maybe they’re afraid King will expose CAIR’s radical Islamist ties)

UK DAILY MAIL — Mr King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he was not trying to stir up anti-Muslim fervour in America, claiming he was on the same page as President Obama’s administration when it came to engaging moderates in the American Muslim community.

Surrounded by a noticeably heavier security presence, he told CBS 2: ‘I’m getting a lot of hostile phone calls now, but the main threats I’m getting are from overseas.’


Yesterday he claimed the nation’s largest Muslim advocacy group was undermining the hearing, which he said he views in the same way as the 1995 Senate hearings into the white militia movement after the Oklahoma City terror bombing.

And he told Fox News: ‘I’m not going to give into political correctness. I’m going ahead.’ He told CBS 2: ‘I want to show the extent of that radicalisation, how it happens. Also whether or not the Muslim community is fully cooperating.’


He also fought back against protesters, blaming the backlash on the Council on American Islamic Relations. He branded the council an ‘unindicted co-conspirator’ in a terrorist funding case, adding that the council was the kind of group Muslim leaders should ‘push aside’.

The council’s spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, acknowledged the organisation had been orchestrating opposition to the hearing ‘from the very beginning’, but said the public outcry was heartfelt rather than engineered. But on Sunday hundreds of protesters gathered in Times Square to accuse Mr King of unfairly targeting Muslims in Thursday’s hearings.

Mr King has been branded ‘America’s new McCarthy’ – a reference to Joe McCarthy and his Communist purge in the 1950s.

(McCarthy was right, if he had locked up all the commies back then we wouldn’t have so many of these left wing pigs in America now)

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15 comments on “Congressman Peter King getting death threats from Muslims over Muslim radicalization hearings

  1. I can see the Rep. King is getting the same protection from the Terrorists from over seas as Our Ambassador was getting in Bengasi.
    Where is our great muzzy lover and hater of America on this issue?

  2. Peter King, perhaps not the most effective speaker in the world, will go down in history as an American patriot who tackled an unpopular but most important and needed job, to bring to light the greatest threat America is facing now, particularly since it has Islam’s great supporter in the White House. Three Cheers for King.

  3. We all need to send him an email in support of the hearings. McCarthy was right because these libtards who oppose these hearing are commies.

    • Amen!! BW; too bad however that there are STILL way too many dhimmi dipshits in our Lame Stream Media and in DC who just refuse to pull their heads out of their arses!! And God Bless Peter King!!..We could use someone with REAL BALLS as a REAL President now instead of the muzzy loving worhless a– kissing POS that the “useful idiots” of this nation allowed to steal another election!!

  4. I have the most respect for Peter King> the fact that he is getting death threats proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what type of degenerate scum we are dealing with. Now the problem in America is double troubling with the re-election of Barrack Hussain Obama. Our own country is being divided how could a person like that be re-elected! the benghazi incident is much worse then the Nixon’s watergate scandal
    by letting People die there without so much as lifting a finger. Its criminal I tell you as they watched from the comfort of the white house via a video drone plane flyin over the area and not doing anything. How can these Rotton White House Administrators sleep at night Please answer that for me! Leon Panetta, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, David Petraeus, Martin Dempsey to name a few are not only being Treasonous but are murderers in their own right and must be held accountable for their actions by hook or by crook. may a grass roots assembly be created for just this reason, since our commander in chief a renegade alien and imposter will not do anything believe me May God help us all as I see the curtain coming down on this once great Proud Nation!

  5. Imam MObama setting Pete up for a Benghazi murder? POTUS’s buddies – the Ikhwan must have made a deal with Mahdi BHO – watch Baracka setup the murder of an opponent, just like his Kenyan (?) family.

  6. Ever onwards and upwards Mr King. The Islamisation of the West must be exposed for what it is and the truth MUST be told otherwise civil war right across the western world is around the corner. We in the anti-jihad network must support every single,person on the www who is doing their bit to expose this evil within. our western so-called leaders are ignoring the Muslim agenda and seem to think that appeasing muslims will change things. Muslims want the world living under sharia but that will never happen. We’re in for a very rough time and with Hussein in the WH and ignorant dhimmi politicians in the West, things can only get worse. I’m just waiting for the next major attack.

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