IOWA: Iraqi filmmaker named ‘Usama’ crashes party, gets beat up – a publicity stunt for his anti-America documentary?

“I thought I was going to die,” says Muslim documentary maker who is shooting a film about the treatment of Arabs in the U.S. and claims he was attacked and called racial epithets after he wandered ‘uninvited’ into a house party.

So the police are  treating the case as a hate crime. Why? They should have arrested him for trespassing or breaking and entering.

UK DAILY MAIL –Usama Alshaibi claimed he was repeatedly punched and kicked by four men after he crashed the party in the early hours of Sunday in Fairfield, an Iowa city of about 9,500 residents where he moved with his wife last year.

The 41-year-old, who was born in Baghdad but grew up in Iowa City, said the men called him an epithet used to refer to Arabs as well as ‘Osama bin Laden’ and assaulted him before he managed to escape. (Gee, won’t that’ make a nice scene in his movie?)

Alshaibi is producing a film called ‘American Arab’ for Chicago-based Kartemquin Films about discrimination against Arabs in the U.S. and there had been some suspicions that the ‘attack’ was a publicity stunt.

‘This isn’t how I would promote my film,’ Alshaibi said. ‘I thought I was going to die.’ (Riiiiiiight) He won critical praise for an earlier documentary, Nice bombs,‘ about reuniting with his family during the war in Iraq.

A Fairfield police report says a video store manager called police to report a man in his parking lot crying and screaming at 12:19am on Sunday. (Drama queen)

Police found Alshaibi bleeding from his forehead and nose, with some scratches on his hands as if he had fallen to the ground. Alshaibi said he went to the hospital later on Sunday, was treated and released. (Oh yeah, that sure sounds like he was about to die)

Fairfield Police Chief Julie Harvey said yesterday that Alshaibi has been unable to pinpoint the home where the assault allegedly occurred because he was intoxicated when he arrived and disoriented when he left. (How convenient)

Imam Taha Tawil of the historic Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids said he has known Alshaibi since the 1980s. ‘I don’t know if they were drunk or if there was some stupid Islamophobia going on with them, but it really hurts us and hurts the image of Iowa because we’re not like that,’ Tawil said. (Awwww, too bad, don’t crash other people’s parties where you’re not wanted)

Alshaibi said he saw a woman outside a two-story home where there was music playing when he was walking home, he asked her where the party was and she said upstairs. Alshaibi walked inside. Someone asked what his name was and he said, ‘Usama,’ and he was soon punched in the face, the report said.

He claimed that the punch knocked his glasses off, and the men kept hitting and kicking him after he tried to get away.  ‘So, yeah, after getting beaten, I keep replaying it in my mind, why did I go there? Why did I go there? But I know that I didn’t deserve that, even if I was confused or if I misunderstood.’ (You got off easy)


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  1. A muslim party crasher…my worst nightmare! I believe those injuries were self inflicted for sure. Lordy…what has happened to our beautiful country? We are being invaded by hating evil parasites.

  2. Just an added note on this one, since you didn’t mention that this sonofabitch is NOT just looking for a “payday” with this bull s— he may call art or “cineamatic production”, but is demanding payment from his ALLEGED attackers, infidels that they be, as jizya that they OWE him!! Never mind he entered a RESIDENCE to which he WAS NOT INVITED thereby SUPPOSEDLY getting the crap kicked out of him! Just one more thing; if it had been my house the asshole entered uninvited, he would have been treated as an intruder that he was, and would not look damn near as good as he does in the photos that were taken after the ALLEGED attack; assuming that the puke survived which would be highly UNLIKELY had he entered my residence UNINVITED!!


    This has got “asshole” written all over it…..IN CAPS!!!

    This guy was apparently beaten, punched and kicked by four guys….????!!!

    Who in the name of sweet fucking, roller skating Christ in a thong, was doing the asskicking?????!!!

    Oh wait…..lemme guess….this drunken muslim, no doubt whilst looking for allah, just happened to stumble onto Richard Simmons, Ru Paul, Pee-Wee Herman and the fucking ghost of Liberace!!!!…..and the bitches were mad….real mad…..

    Fuuuuuuuck me gently …..!!!

    Look at this assholes wounds, that’s road-rash!!!….I know, I speak from experience, cause during my military days, after numerous wild mess dinners I performed a few rather spectacular lipstands and impromptu cartwheels on the pavement myself……

    What a bloody farce……this asshole is so typical of the muslim gene-pool, proof that in order to find the lowest form of humanity, muslims, scrapping the bottom of the barrel isn’t low enough……nope!!!….with muslims you actually have to lift the barrel up and look underneath!!!

    Well if you want to send the Fairfield Chief of Police a note here is her email address…..

    Fairfield Police Chief Julie Harvey :

    and here is her telephone number: 641-472-4146

    and while you’re at it drop the asshole Imam at the Mother Mosque a note

    Imam Taha Tawil:

    and here is a couple of his telephone numbers:

    Phone: 319-310-6159 and 319-366-3150

    This stinks to high heaven,,,,,smells like good old Al Sharpton and the Tawana Brawley case… remember the one….the little black girl who was out past curfew, then afraid of an ass-whooping from her parents, rubbed herself down with her own excrement and claimed she was violated, raped and beaten by a bunch of white men…..then old Al Sharpton stepped in….then after an investigation, it turned out old Tawana had done it all herself….

    And that my friends is exactly what happened here…..

    No wonder the muslims have been in the Dark Ages for 1400 years, running around killing each other, sodomizing the livestock, molesting children and completely incapable of coming up with a good bullshit story…..these pathetic bastards couldn’t find their own asses even if they used both hands and a flashlight!!!

    and they want the keys to the fission-mobile???……..oh plllllllease!!

    But ya gotta hand it to them muslims, more laughs than a room full of roller skating monkeys!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Oh….and one more thing…….

      This fuckpot jackwagon wasn’t on a social call looking for a free plate of cous-cous….

      Check his shit out……wearing an olive drab Shemagh, the preferred accoutrement of Jihadi’s, suicide bombers and leftist sympathizers….

      And then he’s running around sporting a handle like “Usama”……fucking loser……life’s a bitch having to stumble through it with the mental aptitude of a retarded field mouse!!

      Regards, Don Laird
      Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. The injuries look so superficial that, given his “inability” to identify the house where the alleged assault occurred, may have been self-inflicted or inflicted by one of his film crew. Clearly a publicity stunt.

  5. So, what’s a good mudslime boy doing by DRINKING ALCOHOL fergawdssake?!? Also, why was he tempted to follow a woman (he’s a married man!) into a stranger’s house – uninvited – to a party? I don’t care if they abuse the term “hate crime” – just as long as he hurt his widdle face and bled LOTS of blood all over himself! What a loser!!

  6. intoxicated when he arrived and disoriented when he left? his injuries look like the kind you get when you fall down while drinking. if he really had gotten assaulted at a party he should have at least a fat lip a broken nose and he should have a black eye and not minor injuries. he’s probably lying to cover up the fact that he got drunk

  7. They should of called for a helicopter and dropped him at sea like Obama claimed he did to another Usama. But funny were was his camera if he was doing a film. And why did Imam Taha Tawil get involved . This Arab was drunk and he past a women. I look at him think he was looking for a boy. But glad Julie Harvey was there o mother him. But she is out to make a name for herself . A hate crime for a drunk going in a house uninvited.

  8. Oh and he can also go to France and see how muslim slimeballs are treating the Jews there too. Or in the case of Finland, zjews are told not to wear a yarmulke because they might get beat up by Muslims.

  9. What’s wrong with this guy? He’s makign a film that attacks people here, and goes uninvited to a party? When are people like him going to learn that they can’t jsut do as they please? More than likely he went into that party and made some slurs and provoked what happened just so he could make a point. I wish they would deport his azz right back to Iraq. If he wants to make a film about mistreatment; he should be in the middle east making films about how Jews and Christians have their churches and synagogues burned and are beaten or killed. I have no sympathy for this slime ball.

    • You have the right idea Linda, right on, I hope he reads this. If he does I would like to take this opportunity to tell him that he is a pig.

  10. Hmmmm I feel this is more to this story than this dimwit is saying. People dont suddenly smack you in the mouth like that unless there was a provocation of some sort. Im guessing this idiot got abit mouthy and said something to piss off the peoples whose house he entered uninvited. And hang on, he was intoxicated arent Muzscum not suppose to drink alcohol? And the Imam defending him seemed ok with the fact that this trouble maker had been drinking? I smell a dirty Muzzo rat with this so called ‘hate crime’ accusation.

  11. Good! I’m going to bed with a smile. Now, if only he could include his face in the film, it might discourage others from immigrating.

  12. This guy is GUILTY of ILLEGALLY entering someone’s home and he is COMPLAINING he was hit? Oh, I forgot, Muslims believe they should be ALLOWED to break the law.

  13. His injuries are consistent with a drunken fall on asphalt or concrete. Note no bruising around the cheekbones, and abrasions around the wounds. He took a header in the parking lot, end of story. This has all the drama of an uncle Dougie bed time story. This guy is unhinged. Check his finances, he’s looking for a payday. Where was his wife?

  14. I’m sure the wounds were self inflected. Maybe he can find an American soldier to blame. If locals did do it, to bad they didn’t finish the job.

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