UK: ‘Mystery’ fire destroys church that was being turned into an Islamic community center/mosque

A building in Ipswich which had been set to be transformed in to a Muslim-run community center was set on fire Monday night in a ‘deliberate’ attack.

Engage-A local news website reports: “Fire investigators are ‘99 per cent sure’ that a blaze which ripped through a church in Ipswich was started deliberately.” “The fire at St Michael’s Church in Upper Orwell Street has left the Victorian building structurally unsafe.”

“A spokeswoman for Suffolk police said at this stage it is thought the fire started in the rear of the church shortly after 10pm on Monday. “She said: ‘The roof is very unstable and so it is too dangerous to enter the building at this stage. “‘It looks like the fire was started at the rear of the church and spread straight to the roof.’

“Today the Muslim owner of the dilapidated Victorian church said the community’s ‘dream is over’, after 25 years of savings and fundraising ‘went up in flames’, revealing that he has no insurance. (another Sharia thing?) 

“Muhammad Manwar Ali, chief executive of Jimas, the organisation that owns the building, was at the forefront of plans to transform the church into a £1million Muslim-run community centre.

“Tragically (?), the site was not insured and owner Mr Manwar Ali is set to lose the £350,000 he paid for the church last year out of his own life savings, fundraising and loans from friends.” “He stressed that the church would have become a community centre, not a mosque, and that it would have been open to everyone in Ipswich. (And where have we heard THAT before?)