Mrs. Fred (Grandy) on getting fired from WMAL for speaking the truth about Islam

Listeners in the nation’s capital might be hearing again from Fred Grandy, the former “Love Boat” star and ex-congressman who left his radio show last week after a fallout with management allegedly over some on-air Islam remarks.

FOX NEWS (H/T Dough Boy) But it might take awhile. Catherine Mann-Grandy, Fred’s wife, told that his contract does not expire until May 2012 and that he can’t do any radio shows in the Washington, D.C., region for another year. She also said WMAL, the radio station where Grandy was a host since 2003, is making it “very difficult” for her husband to sever his relationship with the company.

However, she said the two of them would like to eventually have a show of their own, to concentrate on the issue that effectively ended their run at WMAL – radical Islam and its influence in the United States.

“We would love to do a show devoted only to the problem of Shariah law versus the Constitution of the United States,” she said, adding that they might call it: “The Good Fight.”

Though both of them started devoting more segments to the subject of Muslim influence in America over the past year, Catherine’s on-air commentary was apparently what triggered the fallout between the Grandys and WMAL last week.

Fred Grandy was confronted by management after his wife, during a show two weeks ago, made a litany of Islam-related charges on air. She had warned that “Shariah-compliant” individuals work in the government, said Barack Obama was not doing enough to help Israel and quoted a rabbi who compared radical Muslims to Nazis.