Italy turns back ferry carrying Moroccan Muslims trying to infiltrate Sicily

Why the Hell don’t they go begging to one of 57 Muslim countries? Or how about back to Morocco? We don’t want anymore of the world’s Muslim refuse.

IBTimesItaly has blocked a ferry carrying about 1,800 people, primarily Moroccans fleeing Libya, from docking in Sicily, on orders from Rome’s interior ministry.

According to Italian media, the ship embarked from Tripoli, Libya and asked for permission to refuel on Sicily after Malta refused it entry. The ferry was last reportedly about approximately 150 miles from the port of Augusta on Sicily’s east coast.

“The ship is currently off our coastline waiting in international waters,” Antonio Giummo of the port of Augusta in Sicily told Agence France Presse. “They have asked to come into port to refuel. We have notified them of an entry ban ordered by the ministry.” The boat was reportedly chartered by the passengers who were working in Libya at the time of the revolt against Moammar Gaddafi erupted.

Italy is already struggling under the weight of 10,000 Muslim migrants, mainly from Tunisia, who have invaded the tiny southern Italian island of Lampedusa.

France’s Marine Le Pen urges joint anti-migrant patrols in Mediterranean.

AKI – French politician Marine Le Pen has called on Italy to form joint patrols with her country to turn back people-smuggling boats in the Mediterranean amid a “dramatic” influx of migrants fleeing unrest in North Africa.

During a visit to Rome on Tuesday, Le Pen also urged controls to be resumed at the border between Italy and France, doubting that the European Union and its borders agency Frontex would be able to stop the migrant influx.

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