WTF? Netanyahu is already dividing up Jerusalem?

The Israel Land Fund organization presented on Tuesday, during the Jerusalem Conference, a video which the organization says proves that the Netanyahu government has already begun to divide Jerusalem.

INN (H/T JANE) – “The Likud government, the present government of Israel, already divided Jerusalem,” said Israel Land Fund Chairman Aryeh King, during a conversation with Israel National News TV.

“We have eight neighborhoods in Jerusalem that Jews are not allowed to enter,” he explained. “There are areas where the Palestinian Authority policemen are present every day and nobody kicks them out. It means there are areas that if you as a Jew want to enter, you need to be escorted by the IDF.”

King noted that this “is illegal. It’s against the Jerusalem law and we came here to wake up the people who love Jerusalem and have them put some public pressure on the Likud party.”

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May 23, 2009ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS Jerusalem was always ours, and will never again be divided,” said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday in a speech in honor of Jerusalem Day.

You, who fought to liberate Jerusalem, removed the strangulating hold over the city with your bodies,” Netanyahu said, addressing the fallen soldiers. “You reunited the city and allowed Jerusalem to flourish once again.”

Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem benefits Muslims and Christians as well as Jews, Netanyahu said. “Only under Israeli sovereignty is continued freedom of worship and free access to Christian, Muslim and Jewish holy sites guaranteed,” he stated.

“Only thus can members of all faiths and all minority groups continue to live in security.” “Jerusalem was and remains the capital of Israel. Israel has never had another capital city, and Jerusalem has never been the capital city of another people,” he told the crowd.