U.S. pays $2.5 million blood money for release of CIA contractor accused of murdering two Pakistanis who attacked him

Is that in addition to the $18 billion in financial aid we have given Pakistan sine 9/11?

Defence –The U.S. government has provided about $18 billion in civilian and military aid to Pakistan since the Sept. 11, 2001. US lawmakers a few weeks ago questioned the Obama Administration’s move to give billions in dollars in aid to Pakistan and said Islamabad continues to build on its nuclear stockpile and support the Taliban.

“We borrow from China; give to Pakistan; Pakistan creates nuclear weapons?,” bluntly asked Congressman Dan Rohrabacher as he posed questions to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on US aid to Pakistan. Instead one of its diplomat is under arrest in violation of the Vienna Convention, the lawmakers bluntly told Clinton at a Congressional hearing.

“Pakistan must do more to meet the pressing United States concerns, including the release of Raymond Davis, our detained American diplomat, and shifting its approach to Afghanistan away from armed proxies and toward constructive and legitimate political partners,” Congresswoman, Ilena Ros-Lehtinen, the Chairwoman of the powerful House Foreign Relations Committee, said.

“Pakistan has received billions of dollars worth of aid; yet they have a US citizen, Raymond Davis, who is now being held and is under very questionable circumstances. Are we going to demand — are we going to still give our money away to people who support the Taliban and put our intelligence assets at risk?” he asked. (Yes, we are, see video below)
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