YOU GO GIRL! Pakistani actress rips her Islamic critics a new one

Condemned by Muslim clerics for ‘immoral behavior’ for showing off her ‘unveiled’ beauty on Indian TV and film, actress Veena Malik is accused of disgracing Pakistan and Islam. To which she replies, “How dare you judge me when there are Islamic clerics who rape little children in their mosques?”

If Veena is smart she’ll get out of Dodge and go back to India before she is honor-killed by these Muslim fanatics.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has been in the headlines every day ever since she was cast in the Colors reality show Bigg Boss 4. On ‘Bigg Boss, her intimacy with Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel has caused quite a stir. Some say, “She is acting very cheap. The way she presented herself in front of Indian audiences is not right. She is denigrating the image of Pakistani women.”