“I will only answer to Allah,” says Muslim defendent in court

“Allah is my helper against the law and there is nothing this court can do to make me disobey,” said Saba. “Allah is my helper, but who will be your helper against Allah? If you think you can compel me against Allah, you can try.”

In that case, the court should grant his request and send him to Allah, immediately.

Sentinel Standard GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) — A Lowell man facing trial in federal court for murder and fraud will not be allowed to invoke the name of Allah while defending himself. U.S. District Judge Janet Neff issued the order Tuesday, turning down a motion filed by Rami Saba, 37.

Saba is accused of killing Saranac resident Donald Dietz, 66, in 2007, as part of a plot to use Dietz’s identity and access $400,000 in his bank account.

Last year, Saba filed a motion asking the judge to allow him to refer to Allah during trial — as often as every sentence.  Prosecutors countered, saying mentions of religion were not relevant. On Tuesday, Judge Neff ordered Saba not to make any mentions of Allah when he represents himself in his trial.

Saba’s trial is to begin in May.  the trial of his co-defendant, Raogo Ouedraogo, is scheduled to begin March 1.

Ouedraogo is being tried for his alleged role with defendant Rami Saba in the disappearance and presumed death of Saranac resident Donald Dietz, 66. Ouedraogo is being charged with four counts, including conspiring to commit interstate murder-for-hire, conspiracy to fraud financial institutions, conspiring to kidnap and kidnapping resulting in death.
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