What if Obama is fighting on the same side as Al-Qaeda in Libya?

Statements of support for Libya’s revolution by al-Qaeda and leading Islamists have led to fears that military action by the West might be playing into the hands of its ideological enemies.


JERUSALEM – Arab leaders fear U.S. and international airstrikes against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces will aid the main Islamist opposition in the country, some of which consist of al-Qaida.

“Doesn’t the Obama administration understand Gadhafi is the one Arab leader who is fighting back against the Islamist revolt threatening his regime?” asked a member of the now deposed regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

A top official in the Palestinian Authority, speaking from Ramallah, told WND it is widely understood in the Arab worldthat the military strikes against Gadhafi’s positions will aid the Libyan rebels, whose leadership largely comprise Islamist groups that seek to create a Muslim caliphate.

Indeed, yesterday the Arab League secretary general, Amr Moussa, deplored the broad scope of the U.S.-European bombing campaign in Libya and said he would call a new league meeting to reconsider Arab approval ofthe Westernmilitary intervention.

Moussa’s reservations come after revolts already deposed the pro-Western leaders of Egypt and Tunisia, where Islamist parties form the opposition and stand the most to gain from the leadership vacuum.

Similar Islamist-led unrest threatens Yemen, Algeria, Morocco and other Middle Eastern and North African countries. READ THE REST HERE


Prison Planet-Achieving new heights of hypocrisy, the U.S government is hyping the threat of Libyan-backed reprisal terror attacks inside the United States, while launching air strikes in support of so-called “protesters” who have commandeered fighter jets and tanks, and are in fact Islamic fundamentalist Al-Qaeda cells who want to impose sharia law in Libya.

As the London Telegraph reports, “The West and al-Qaeda on the same side.” Libyan Al-Qaeda leaders have offered their unanimous support for the ousting of Gaddafi.

“An al-Qaeda leader of Libyan origin, Abu Yahya al-Libi, released a statement backing the insurrection a week ago, while Yusuf Qaradawi, the Qatar-based, Muslim Brotherhood-linked theologian issued a fatwa authorising Col Gaddafi’s military entourage to assassinate him,” writes Richard Spencer, highlighting how the “rebels” are in fact religious extremists hell bent on imposing sharia law in Libya.

The New York Times reports that Libya may “lash out” against the Orwellian “no fly zone,” which in reality represents constant bombardment, by sending terrorists to carry out attacks against U.S. interests.

While the global establishment media has characterized these mobs as “protesters,” even as they commandeer fighter jets and tanks, and used allegations of Gaddafi brutality against them as a justification for air strikes, in reality they largely comprise of radical Islamic fundamentalists who will end up being more savage in their abuse of power than anything Gaddafi was ever accused of, should the air strikes lead to regime change. The ordinary Libyan people, the majority of whom support Gaddafi, are caught in the middle, which is why many of them are now trying to flee Tripoli.

The UN-backed air strikes have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with protecting the human rights of “protesters.” The fact that the establishment media, particularly the BBC, which has aggressively pushed this “humanitarian” hoax in its rapacious cheerleading effort for the conquest, is parroting the narrative that this is a just war, when in reality it is about helping Al-Qaeda terrorists to carry through a coup d’état, is the ultimate hypocrisy.

It’s a hypocrisy made more revolting by the fact that liberals who so vehemently opposed the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are now willing to offer their enthusiastic backing for military attacks having bought the sickening lie that the likes of the United States has now suddenly developed a conscience for human suffering.

It’s also galling to witness the likes of Fox News and mainstream conservatives, who screamed until they were blue in the face about a mosque being built at ground zero in New York, now ignorantly applauding a United Nations-ordered war with no congressional approval which is solely designed to bring Al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic fundamentalists to power.

The whole farce mirrors Bill Clinton’s bombing campaigns in Bosnia and Serbia, which were also about helping Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda to topple autocratic but relatively moderate regimes, and were also military conquests packaged in the cloak of “humanitarian” deception by the global establishment media.