OKLAHOMA: Round two in the fight to have Shari’a law banned from being used in its state courts

Last year Oklahoma voters passed a State Question that blocked any use of Shari’a (Islamic) law in Oklahoma courts. But it was ruled unconstitutional and unnecessary by the US District Court. Now, a new effort to prevent state courts in Oklahoma from using foreign law is underway and this time, an effort by pro-Shari’a Muslim activists is forming to fight it.

KFOR-Some members of Oklahoma City’s Muslim community say they are
being targeted unfairly by a bill now going through our state legislature.
House Bill 1552 is sponsored by Representative Sally Kern.

The bill doesn’t mention Sharia law, but instead focuses on all foreign laws and preventing their use in Oklahoma courts if they violate any constitutional rights. Representative Kern defended her bill in the past saying, “How can you challenge a bill that’s just trying to protect constitutional rights and liberties?” Saad Mohammed is the Director of Islamic Information for the Islamic Council of Oklahoma. He says Rep. Kern is trying to protect America from terrorists, but instead she is taking away the rights of Americans.

He says the bill could hurt anyone doing international business. Mohammed says, “It’s just more racism and hatred towards us. It’s a scare tactic and it’s a form of racism from Mrs. Sally Kern to do such a thing.” The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is starting a campaign to fight the bill before it gets any further.

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