UK Muslim Hate Preacher, Anjem Choudary, confirms what we already know about the so-called ‘rebels’ in Libya

Anjem Choudary (of Shari4UK & Sharia4America) says “al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood have assets on the ground in Libya and are ready to take control if/when Moammar Gadhafi is removed from power.

WND –The top Muslim cleric accuses the U. S. and French-led coalition trying to topple Gadhafi of working to install a puppet regime, but he says there are al-Qaeda operatives in Libya who will stop the West from installing a friendly government.

“Al-Qaeda has their own agents and their own people in the region who are propagating their own Islamic ideas and their agenda. At the right time they will make the move, and we will see the emergence of Islam and Shariah in that particular region,” Choudary said.

“The power vacuum is very useful for anyone who has an agenda and an alternative system to put in its place,” he said.”Al-Qaeda is in fact a philosophy and an idea which is franchised now all around the world. You don’t necessarily have to be a member of al-Qaeda. If you believe in the Shariah and if you believe in the concept of jihad, and you want Islam to be implemented, then you are adhering to the same ideas as the people of al-Qaeda,” said Choudary.

“This is widespread throughout Africa and the more these people resist against oppression, the more they see the Americans, the British and the French bombing Muslims, the more they will be drawn towards Shariah as an alternative,” Choudary said.

Florida Security Council President Tom Trento agrees. “He is telling the truth, because North Africa from Cairo going West has deep penetration by the Muslim Brotherhood. We also know that Gadhafi is hated by and hates the Brotherhood and al-Qaeda,” Trento said.

“We also know that al-Qaeda has their heart set on controlling petroleum. Libya is the No. 4 producer. There is no bigger prize in northern Africa than Libya right now,” Trento said.

He said Choudary is in a position to know if the Brotherhood or al-Qaeda is poised to move if Gadhafi is removed. “Choudary has deep analytical connections to a variety of organizations. He is the sort of philosophical mind for al-Qaeda. He is a confidante of Osama bin Laden,” Trento said.

“Under the guise of helping the people, once again we see the full might of the U.S. and its stooges, i.e. the British and French, murdering Muslim men, women and children in cold blood,” Choudary’s statement read.

“Yet again we see the fig-leaf excuse of defending democracy and freedom being used to justify atrocities against Muslims. The reality is that the Americans and the institutions that they control, such as the U.N. and Security Council, will do everything in their power to ensure that the Muslims do not rise to implement the Shariah and threaten their military and economic interests in the region,” Choudary’s statement said.

Jihad Watch publisher and Islam analyst Robert Spencer says that Choudary’s accusation that the U. S. and French-led coalition plans to install a puppet regime is giving the coalition way too much credit. “The glaring omission in this whole enterprise has been any discussion or any hint that anyone in this coalition has any idea of what’s going to follow Gadhafi at all or has made any provision for a post-Gadhafi Libya,” he observed.

But Spencer supports the analysts who say that radical Islam groups are on the ground in Libya and are prepared to take control. “That’s the big problem with it, that the largest organized forces in Libya opposing Gadhafi are Islamic supremacist, pro-Shariah groups, including al-Qaeda. So they’re most likely to be the beneficiaries of this intervention,”Spencersaid.

Spencer added that because al-Qaeda is in Libya, even if the Western coalition removes Gadhafi, the civil war will continue until the jihadi forces prevail. Trento added that the U.S. is making it safe for jihad in North Africa and that the administration is making a tactical error by supporting the removal of Gadhafi.

Choudary seems to echo that thought, because he says that the West’s intervention to topple Gadhafi wasn’t necessary. He says that Gadhafi’s days were already numbered. “The Muslims in Libya are rising against oppression and calling for Islam and the Shariah. This is evident in the chants of the people. Many people believe that they’re fighting in jihad against Gadhafi and his own regime,” Choudary claimed.

“The removal of Gadhafi was something that was going to be done anyway by the people in Libya. The removal of all dictators is on our agenda. We do not need the Americans, the British and French to come in and bomb Baghdad, and bomb Kabul and bomb Tripoli in order to remove leaders,” Choudary added.

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