Is Denmark dropping Mohammed cartoon-face missiles on Libya?

Libyan TV reports, “The fact that Denmark, which has led a campaign against Islam and Muslims for years with its blasphemous caricatures of Mohammed, is leading the bombings, shows that the aggression is a crusade against the Muslim people, including the Libyan people, with the goal being to terrorize Muslims and to wipe out Islam.” (One can only hope!)

al-Arabiya-Libya launched a media offensive against Denmark as state TV reported that Sunday’s attack on Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi’s headquarters in Tripoli was controlled by the Danes.

However the announcement prompted Danish Foreign Minister Lene Epsersen to describe Gaddafi as “desperate.” ”It is a desperate attempt by Gaddafi to distract attention from the core issue behind the international community’s effort in Libya, which is to put an end to the brutal aggression towards the civilian population”, she added.

Strongman Gaddafi in an audio message read out on the national television, accused Western forces of uniting “in a second crusade war against Islamic peoples.” (If only that were true)