Yep, he’s dead all right!

Thousands of Bahraini Shiites renewed their PHONY pro-democracy protests, defying martial law. The video below is allegedly a Bahraini policeman run over and beaten to death by anti-government protesters.

This is not about democracy, it is about Shiite Fundamentalists wanting to depose Sunni Fundamentalists.

OBSERVERS france24After initially making some concessions to try to appease the protest movement, the Sunni monarchy launched a military intervention backed by Saudi troops on Wednesday, March 16, to put down a month-long Shiite-led uprising, using tanks and helicopters to drive protesters from the streets. The UN denounced “shocking and illegal” abuses by security forces on Thursday, warning that reported takeovers of hospitals and medical facilities were a “blatant violation of international law”.

“I saw them murdering a policeman with my own eyes!”
Bahraini woman  says her husband shot the below video of a man, reportedly a policeman, being deliberately run over several times by a black SUV. “We heard a car pull up very quickly so we went out on the balcony. There, we saw the occupants of a black SUV open the trunk of the car and pull an unconscious man out. Even if they were far away, we recognised his black policeman uniform.” “I believe the occupants of the car were anti-government protesters who were acting out of revenge for the government intervention. The protesters say they are not violent but that is not true. They have an agenda, and it is not democratic, it is religious: the Shiites want to impose an Islamist government like in Iran. They attacked a policeman, they have targeted foreigners. Now they will attack anyone, I am very afraid.”