VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE celebrates the Islamic invasion of Spain

Stonewall Jackson is rolling over in his grave.

Big Peace (H/T Barbara P) Virginia Military Institute is commemorating the 1300th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Spain under the Muslim warlord Tariq ibn Ziyad in 711 A.D. The March 23-25 celebration entitled “711-2011: East Meets West” and organized by VMI’s Center for Leadership and Ethics, isscheduled to feature standard Muslim apologists Reza Aslan and Akbar Ahmed. VMI Superintendent Gen. J.H. Binford Peay has even filmed an invitation to the celebration.

No word if VMI’s World War II commemoration will be entitled “Germany meets Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Belgium, France, Norway, The Netherlands and Russia”.

Event organizers describe the event as follows:

We celebrate the 1300th anniversary of Tariq ibn Ziyad’s crossing of the Straits of Gibraltar, setting into motion the fusion between two worlds.  The agenda will tell the vital story of the achievements when Muslims, Christians, and Jews thrived side by side in Western Europe, building a society that lit the Dark Ages. Experts will discuss how to transform education, promote tolerance, political reform, and advance human development so that we can emulate the spirit and triumphs of the early years.

Reza Aslan (Muslim taqiyya artist) is scheduled to speak on a panel entitled “‘Al-Andalus’ – an ageless Model of Tolerance“, but it is doubtful that Aslan and his co-panelists will be discussing the widespread persecution of Christians and Jews under Muslim rule that led to the establishment of an entirely new class of Roman Catholic martyrs, “the Cordoba martyrs“, or the 1066 massacre of Jews and crucifixion their leader Joseph ha-Nagid in “tolerant” Cordoba. The great Jewish scholar Maimonides and his family fled “tolerant” Cordoba after the Muslim conquest of the city in 1148, when the new occupiers gave Jews the option of converting to Islam, death or exile. A similar persecution emulating the Almohad’s “model of tolerance” prompted Maimonides to write his famous Epistle on Forced Conversion to the Jewish community in Yemen. The myth of “the Golden Age of Muslim Spain has gained recent attention from the attempts by the Ground-Zero mosque promoters to appropriate the narrative in support of their “Cordoba Initiative”.

Restoring ‘“Al-Andalus’ – an ageless Model of Tolerance” has been the stated goal of Al-Qaeda (Reza Aslan and Al-Qaeda – together at last!). In September 2007 Ayman al-Zawahiri issued an audio tape calling for the reconquest of “Al-Andalus” and more recently called for the “cleansing” of North Africa of Spaniards and the French as preparation for the reoccupation of “Al-Andalus”. An al-Qaeda-linked cyber-jihadist group that targets US companies with hacks and computer worms styles themselves as “The Brigades of Tariq ibn Ziyad”, named after the invader and occupier of Spain.

VMI’s “East Meets West” celebration will also include an address by Hussein Hassouna, representative of the Arab League to the US, whose boss, Amr Moussa, has demanded that Muslims be allowed to conduct services inside the cathedral in Cordoba. Yet when Pope Benedict visited the occupied Hagia Sophia in Istanbul in November 2006, his visit was met with widespread protests by Turks afraid that Benedict might attempt to pray inside the conquered and occupied ancient cathedral.

VMI Conference to show Saudi-funded ‘OUT OF CORDOBA’ film

Big Peace — “Out of Cordoba,” (2008) was directed by Jacob Bender, self-described as “one of the initiators of interfaith dialogue with the American Muslim community. He has spoken dozens of times at mosques and at large gatherings of Muslims in the United States, particularly at the conventions of the Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim organization in the US.” He neglects to mention that ISNA was also named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial.

With “Out of Cordoba,” VMI cadets and faculty will view Muslim Brotherhood propaganda of the “Alliance of Civilizations” variety, “about Jews, Muslims, and Christians struggling for coexistence and against the hijacking of their respective religions by extremists.” It presents a false narrative of history, from which it draws false conclusions for the present.

The documentary’s Advisory board includes the usual Shariah apologists Karen Armstrong and John L. Esposito, but also: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the Ground Zero Mosque, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Fiqh Council of North America, and Dr. Sayyid Muhammed Syeed, Islamic Society of North America.

The Funders for the film include the Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation (Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is an investor in News Corporation and gives in the tens of millions to Harvard, Georgetown and others to start Shariah academic programs), the Muslim Brotherhood-associated International Institute of Islamic Thought, the Islamic Society of North America (unindicted co-conspirator) and the Alavi Foundation (FBI began to seize their assets in 2009, and the former president was sentenced in 2010 to prison).

The reviews are most revealing

The question is whether General Peay of Virginia Military Institute thought that this documentary’s endorsements, funding and advice from the likes of the OIC, the MAS, the IIIT, ISNA and the Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation were actually a reason to add it to the evening’s entertainment. Is this his concept of educational leadership in training the next generation of America’s military? He is using U.S. taxpayer money in the grant, and Virginia taxpayer money in state funds (VMI is a public college).

VMI has an honor code: “A Cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do.” The “East meets West” conference violates that code.

It is a lie.