EGYPT: Just like in Gaza and Lebanon, ‘Democracy’ = Radical Islam

The discouraging result of a 78% “yes” vote and a 22% “no” vote shocked Christians and all those dreaming for a country where religion would not determine political affiliation. What made things worse was that many vocal Muslim spokesmen publicly declared that this “yes” vote was a clear affirmation that the majority of Egyptians want an Islamic State!

CBNMany Christians in Egypt are concerned that members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists are poised to takeover the unstable country after a recent vote to amend Egypt’s Constitution.

Eighteen million people voted and four million of these said “no”. Of these four million, probably about half were Christians. This means that open-minded Muslims voters in Egypt are possibly no more than 2 million. Though this is a large number, it still is a small minority of the voting public.


For many of us, the referendum was a lithium test to determine how strong the Christian and the open-minded elements in the country really are. It is clear from the result that we represent a significant but small minority surrounded by a grassroots majority of Egyptians who probably seek a more distinctly Muslim nation.

Before the revolution hardly anyone used to vote as elections were mostly rigged. This time most Christians were motivated to vote and are now very discouraged at the result. Their dream – and that of many who were behind the Revolution – for a truly democratic secular state, has been put in question. Many wonder if their efforts and hard work to faithfully participate in the electoral process were in vain.

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