MUST SEE! Egyptian Christian beheads a Muslim (figuratively, of course)

Meet Pastor Usama Kamel Dakdok and his Hatred. (This guy is good!)

The text here and blue card commentary on the video comes from a website called The facts about Islam

Never heard of him? Me too, till I saw him drop a few clangers on Samar Gorial’s show on ABNSat . This “Christian” missionary worked himself into a frenzy of hatred; a frenzy which apparently culminated into Usama Dakdok spouting a foul word*. Yes, we bring you ANOTHER scandal from an ABN show. Why do some fundamentalist Christians keep us so busy with their debauched  and money-hungry ways?

Who is Usama Dakdok? He is from Egyptian stock and functions out of “thestraightway” ministry. His claim to fame is his “translation” of the Quran.

The Synopsis of Usama Dakdok’s address to Shadeed Lewis on ABN’s “Jihad Exposed” On the show he is confronted by a caller (MDI’s Shadeed Lewis) and Dakdok just goes off the handle. Dakdok suggests, in his shaky English, all Muslims following the Quran are Jihadists and ALL Muslims are demons, he calls Allah (God) and the Prophet deceivers.

The other guest (Anjem Choudry UK Hate Preacher who wants to bring sharia to America) on the show accuses Usama Dakdok of “barking like a dog”; such was Dakdok’s crazed manner!

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