VIRGINIA: ANTI-SHARI’A speaker must hide identity because of Muslim threats on her life

The event was hosted by Act! for America, a grassroots organization that informs Americans of the threats of radical Islam, and the leader of the Southside Virginia chapter. The event’s speaker refused to give her name or allow pictures to be taken because of her fear of threats from Muslim extremists.

Note:  Terrorist Front Group CAIR reported this story as Anonymous Hate Group Rep Brings Anti-Sharia Campaign to VA

GoDanRiver On Tuesday in a darkened conference room above Mary’s Diner in Danville, a group of about 40 people gathered to hear a lecture on the dangers of Sharia law in America. She spoke on how Islamic ideology and the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating America’s institutions and is becoming a threat. “We believe in individual liberty. They believe in Allah’s divine law,” the anonynous speaker said. “To them there is no equality because Muslims are better than non-Muslims and men are better than women.”

Sharia law is the religious law of Islam. However, different types of Muslims believe in different interpretations. The speaker said it was the extremist version of Sharia law that is cause for concern since it comes into direct conflict with American laws. She argued that Sharia law is unable to recognize the laws of the land the way the laws of Christianity and Judaism do, which make them incompatible with democracy.

“I have said nothing here against any Muslim to practice his religion,” said the speaker. “My complaint is when it comes in conflict with the constitution.” Literature also was handed out at the meeting highlighting ways that Muslims are deceiving American lawmakers and planning to infiltrate democracies worldwide.

While there was much concern over Sharia law present at the lecture, the lefties don’t see the law as a huge threat. Constitutional attorney John Whitehead is the founder of the Rutherford Institute, a far left civil liberties organization that provides council to people whose constitutional and legal rights have been violated. He has dealt with numerous cases involving religious rights and said that Sharia law is not taking over America because most Muslims are not extremists. (Yes, and the crocodile will eat you last, schmuck)

“Most Muslims do not practice Sharia law. (And you know MOST Muslims how?) Most Muslims are basic, average human beings,” saidWhitehead. “They are not violent and don’t believe in violence. There are some religions that go to extremes, but they have a right to believe it as long as it does not lead to violence.”  “But we don’t want to get so paranoid because it leads to hatred. We just need more tolerance of other religions.” (Tell it to the most intolerant people on earth – MUSLIMS)