AUSTRALIAN-TURK is proud to be the King of the Baby Seal Killers

Self-proclaimed “King of Seal Killers,” Hatem Yavuz, who owns 60% of the seal fur market, operates his business in Sydney, Australia where he employs thousands in Namibia to slaughter young seals for his business as a ‘tycoon.’

His factory in Istanbul sees over 130,000 seal skins per year. Mr. Yavuz has tried to ‘breed’ seals in cages himself, but they suffered terribly because they were not allowed to go near ‘water’ where they need to ‘live’.

Mr. Yavuz laughs very proudly that women call him a “disgrace” for what he does by killing baby seals to keep his multi-million dollar empire going, but he does not care….he ‘loves what he does’ for a living.

Mr. Yavuz needs to find another way of living, rather than to club and skin young seals while still alive and in front of nursing mothers in Namibia, Greenland and Canada.  This is the 21st Century, and there is NO NEED for wearing fur any longer when there are other viable products on the market.

BIKYAMASR In less than four months, the Namibian seal ‘cull’ will begin, and over 90,000 seals will be brutally clubbed to death in what is now the largest slaughter of marine wildlife on the planet. It is considered to be the most brutal of all ‘culls,’ and is now responsible for the death of more seals than even the Canadian seal hunt.

On July 1st, 2011, the annual slaughter of 85,000 baby seal pups and a further 6,000 bulls, begins in Namibia. For the next 139 days, terrified pups will be rounded up, separated from their mothers, and violently beaten to death. Pups, bulls, and mothers will be surrounded…men with clubs will move in, and the seals will be massacred.

The sand on the beach will literally be stained red with blood, the bloody bodies thrown into the backs of waiting vehicles. Soon after, bulldozers will be brought in to clean up and restore the beach before the tourists arrive to view the colony, because all of this happens in a designated seal reserve.

The ‘cull’ is driven by only one man, Hatem Yavuz, who has the contract to buy every skin resulting from the Namibian seal slaughter until 2019. He pays $7 per pelt while foreign tourists pay $12 to view the colony.

While Yavuz will eventually sell his fur coats for as much as $30,000, local Namibian workers are paid less than minimum wage. There is no profit sharing scheme in place, and less than 150 locals are employed for their participation in this ‘cull.’ “In order for them [the seals] to feel less pain, they need to be killed with a club that has a nail in it,”

Yavuz describes himself as an “animal lover.”

Getting death threats but he doesn’t care.